3 Quick Tips To Speed Up Firefox Browser

Who can deny the fact that Mozilla is the topmost and the most popular internet browser till date? People have chosen it over internet explorer, and amidst the chrome craze, Mozilla remains the most trusted browser. However, for a number of reasons, it goes slow sometimes that literally disappoints the user.

To fix Firefox issues, you needn’t to be a true geek. Here are some steps that you can follow to speed up the browser and get it back into the shape.

1- Fix The Mozilla Firefox Cache Issues:

Firefox has cache capability inbuilt to speed up the web browsing. To do so, it stores certain files locally rather than having to fetch them every time. However, when the cache gets too big, it starts causing problems and affects performance. To fix the cache, Firefox offer cache management options. Following is the way you can optimize the cache:

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  • Choose Options from the Firefox menu
  • Click Advanced and Network.
  • Clear the cache and decrease its size by ticking the Override automatic cache management box

If you have advantage of enough of memory and drive space, increasing the cache size may boost the performance.

 2 –Refresh Firefox:

Firefox has a built-in refresh feature, similar to Windows 10. It resets most of the browser’s settings without affecting any of your personal data, such as bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, cookies, and so on. This can solve the problem. Type “about: support” into the address bar in Firefox and then click the Refresh Firefox button.

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Refresh Firefox

3- Cut Short Plugins And Extensions:  

Using so many extensions and Plugins eventually sucks your Firefox browser speed. Removing them not only boosts the speed but also improves browser security. Go through the extensions and Plugins installed. Deactivate the Plugins that you think are not in use or of lesser importance. Similarly, remove useless extensions to clear some space.

Cut Short Plugins And Extensions:

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