5 Advantages Android Has Over IOS

When it comes to mobile battles the two warriors that stand toe to toe are Android and iOS. These two operating systems have a lot of unique features that a worth talking about, but today we will be focusing a little more on the Android. Sometimes things need to be made easier for public use, and this is what Android thinks about with every feature they release. You can read a review about one of the new versions here.

Total Customization

Giving the user full control of his or her own device is key, who wants a standard they must follow? iOS has not upgraded their UI since the beginning of time and thus it looks rather outdated and non-unique. With the Android operating system you can add your own personal touch to absolutely everything ranging from fonts, themes, backgrounds, icons, and sounds, and these are just naming a few.

5 Advantages Android Has Over IOS


Being able to make your phone unique in a world of mobile devices is a nice touch and shows advancement in modern technology.

Easy Multi-Media Access

Not needing extra programs or taking the time to authenticate your music is the beauty of Android. With its wonderfully useful drag and drop feature absolutely anyone can learn to put music, photos, videos, and notes onto their phone in the matter of minutes. Having easy access to files will allow you to organize them and name them anything you want, you have total control on Android.

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The iOS has a more complicated runaround that results in the use of iTunes and other side programs for dedicated media. This can be a little complicated for new users and can result in total frustration.

Multi-User Profiles

This is great fun for the whole family, allowing others to access a single tablet or phone with each having their own level of privacy is amazing. One of the benefits of having separate profiles is not having to worry about misplaced files or someone changing your background constantly.

Everyone has their own settings and can all place the themes, fonts, music, and application of their choosing without interfering with the other users. I personally feel this feature alone is something iOS should pick up in their upcoming generations as everyone has family.

More Free Applications

With tons of free applications available on the Google Play storethere’s bound to be some hidden gems that fulfill your desires. The Google Play store has so much more to offer users on a budget compared to the Apple store which has overpriced goodies that look tempting but most can’t afford. This kind of benefits the kids more than anyone, as it allows them to have fun with different games, and you won’t have to spend 1 or 2 dollars per, as they add up pretty fast.

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5 Advantages Android Has Over IOS

Quick Tip: When using free or online applications you might find yourself having problems when traveling abroad. The thing is, most applications block themselves when entering different regions as this is a safety tool to stop piracy from spreading, or the release of an application without thorough reconstruction for that specific country (All countries have content regulations).

By getting yourself a handy mobile virtual private network you don’t have to worry about country censorship or public network administrative powers to block you. You can bypass all barriers legally and not have to worry about being limited on entertainment. A VPN will also protect your connection from hackers when using public Wi-Fi or other unsecured networks.

Split Screen Multi-Tasking

Some users will fall in love with this feature, knowing you can watch a video while messing around with widgets on your device can prove to be helpful with time.

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Being an avid Android user myself this feature was easily one of my top favorites available at this point in time. For those late nights attempting to write some notes down while listening to music from YouTube, you only get this with Android.

I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners but at the same time, the more you use these functions the more you get used to them. So give it all you got and learn to become an Android master.

Hopefully you are able to put some of these features to work as they can range from simple to experienced, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


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