7 Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Store Future Ready

What ingredients are needed to have a perfect ecommerce store? If asked this question, you would probably say; a good domain, a reliable hosting facility, a content management system and a suitable theme. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be enough for having a successful ecommerce store in 2017 and beyond.

Ecommerce Store Future Ready

With so many competitors out there and people buying from online stores, you have to stand out from others and carve your niche. One question that you must ask yourself is “Why should the customers buy from you?” What’s your unique selling proposition? If you are wondering what does it take to own a successful ecommerce store in the year 2017 and make it future ready, this blog is for you.

Let’s discuss some of these points in more details.

Be Customer Centric

Customer satisfaction is the key to having a successful online store. Your customer support team should always be approachable by different ways including texting, email, online chat or on call. You can also consider installing a customer support portal so that your customers can resolve minor queries on their own. This will save their time and your efforts. The more the number of options you give, the better are your chances to be successful.

Computers Out, Smartphones in

Desktop computers and laptops have lost their exclusivity with internet surfing. In fact, most of the people rely solely on their smartphones for internet access. And thus, it goes without saying that most of the online shopping also takes place through mobile phones. Mobile responsive ecommerce stores are a need of the hour and they must work as fluidly on smartphones as they work on desktops. Customers might be visiting the store from any of the electronic devices. But what needs to be seen here is that which device is highly used for visiting such stores. It seems that mobile stands out to be the clear winner right now and for some more years to come.

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Make the checkout process mobile-friendly

Mobiles are a preferred option for looking at products online for sure. But when it comes to making the final transaction or checking out, people prefer to do it from their desktops. This is because they are afraid of their privacy or security being compromised with. Hence, despite the smartphones and tablets accounting 60% of ecommerce traffic, desktops dominate with making payments. To gain the trust of your customers, create a mobile friendly website and put appropriate logos and texts at the right place.

Offer multiple payment options

If your e store doesn’t accept Amazon and Paypal paying options, it will be considered outdated. You can also offer the ‘scan your card’ option through which your customers can use stored data and checkout with minimum amount of risk. Consider the opinions of mobile consumers and provide with better payment options. The best way is to keep yourself with the latest payment options and integrate it with your store whenever possible.

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Enable customers to customize

The customers of today like to experiment and create bespoke products. They do not want to be confined to buying the only products that you offer. If you have an estore, you must incorporate a good product design software and enable your customers to be creative. This will attract a lot of traffic on your estore as the customers will always have something to design on their own.

Get creative with content

The content that is written and published on your website should be unique in nature. You should not be able to find similar content elsewhere. And remember, it is not necessary that the articles, graphics and videos you produce are related to your products and services. So feel free to jolt down some of your best write ups. Add attractive videos, graphics and quotes to attract the customers.

Get Interactive on Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc are some of the most crucial social media platforms that have to be integrated with your estore. Create your page, promote your brands and encourage your customers to interact on these platforms. You must respond promptly, conduct surveys and hold social media competitions at regular intervals to ensure customer engagement with your brand. The more the number of followers, better the chances of boosting your sales.

Start implementing the above mentioned points and your ecommerce store will gain the competitive advantage over others. Keep yourself abreast with the customer demands of today and preempt the demands of tomorrow and try to fulfill them. If you want to stand out and create a unique image amongst the customers, you should also be ready to take risks and choose the less treaded path.

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Mr. Maulik Shah is CEO of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solutions offering consisting of magento product designer extension and Web-to-Print software. He is a tech enthusiast and an avid blogger and writes about ecommerce and web-to-print industry.

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