Now Add Page Description on Brand Page’s Cover Image

Facebook has been constantly adding features to make brand pages innovative and user friendly. Now, the social network is testing a pilot feature enabling brand pages to add 100 words long description on page’s cover image.

Facebook also confirmed the news, and said that the feature is under testing with select group of brand pages. A social media magazine published a screenshot of a brand’s Facebook page showing the description on brand’s cover image.

Acodez IT Solutions

The feature is currently being tested for Desktop only, and description would be up to 100 characters long. Moreover, call-to-action buttons appear there in different location that can’t be hid or deleted.

We’re always working to make pages more valuable for people and businesses alike. We recently started testing several cover area designs and enhancements to help businesses feature key information more prominently.

Facebook said in an official statement that when a page administrator fills out the Description field in that page’s ‘About’ section, the text will appear on the cover image. Administrators can edit the description via the Edit Information option on the cover image.

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