Another iOS 11 Autocorrect Bug Changing ‘it’ and ‘is’, Fix is Expected

Recently, iOS 11 users suffered a bug that would suggest “A[?]” whenever “I” was typed into a message. Later, Apple fixed the bug. Now, another autocorrect bug is haunting iOS 11 users. As soon a user types “it” on his iPhone device, the word is automatically corrected to “I.T.”  Even rebooting the device offers no help.

The same issue appears to happen with the word “is” that’s getting an autocorrect suggestion to “I.S” when it’s typed. The only remedy that seems helpful is to visit Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and make “it” and “is” as both the phrase and shortcut.

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The trick above doesn’t always work. So, until Apple comes with a bug fix to address the issue, turn off autocorrect feature.

Natasha Mayer

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