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WhatsApp’s Reply Privately Feature is Here

Facebook owned WhstApp has been vocal in offering features to its users on every alternate day. Now the WhatsApp’s beta version brings an all new feature called ‘Reply privately’ in group chats.

Whstapp Reply Privately Feature

WhatsApps Reply Privately Feature

The feature will allow users to privately reply to a person in the group. The reply will be sent only to the concerned person opening a separate chat box.

It’ll be a private message that no one in the group can see. You can take it up like a private chat that can be accessed in a group. Using the feature, you can escape trouble of leaving the group for a while, moving to the concerned person’s chat and then replying to the message.

A report published in WaBetaInfo said that the Whstapp Reply Privately Feature is available for Android users using the version 2.18.335 of the beta app. The feature will roll out for all with the next beta version 2.18.336/337.

The report didn’t open up without whether the chat has been opened privately or within the same group chat window. The feature will come up with the two options, one that shows ‘Reply privately’ and the second ‘Message XYZ’.

So, we assume that the ‘Message XYZ’ will work in two ways: Either it will take the user directly to the original chat or maybe it might allow the user to just reply on the group itself.

The Whstapp Reply Privately Feature can also be used to privately reply to old messages in a group where the send messages feature is on ‘Only administrators’.

Whstapp Reply Privately Feature

How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?

Choosing The Right Tool Stack For Your Online Business in 2018

Are you considering opening an e-commerce store, or perhaps starting a blog that you will grow enough and turn into a regular monthly income? If you are, we have some advice for you on the subject, and it’s about the best tools you can find on the market to achieve your goals.

How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?

How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?

There are so many options to choose from, and not enough time to read about all of them, so we made a list for you. In this article, we are going to focus on the seven best tools you will need if you want to get a head start in the online businesses field. We did the due diligence for you!


When we’re talking about online businesses, web-hosting should be at the top of your list because your brand, reputation, and earnings depend on the quality and reliability of the provider. Customers and readers have to be able to access your website or online store anytime they want without any problems.

If you’re using WordPress, then we would recommend you to check out this article: WordPress hosting | Canada. You will find many useful tips and tricks that can be a game changer for the growth of your business.

Online Store Platform

This is going to be an obvious recommendation for choosing an online store platform, but we have to make it, and it’s shopify. It’s the best platform for selling goods and products online, and you can customize your page in any way you want.

Shopify also makes it easy for you to connect to other channels where you can sell and promote your goods like Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and eBay. The Shopify App Store is filled with apps that can help you create your online dream store! (contd.: How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?)

Blog platform

WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. These are the most popular blog platforms in the world, although WordPress has the most significant users base (29 percent of all websites in the world are on the platform) and thus provides you with more options than the other two.

How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?

If you’re looking for customization options, countless themes, and business features, then WordPress is your best option. If you want a community of bloggers where you can be more interactive with your readers and followers, then Tumblr might be better for you.

Email management tools

Emails are an essential part of B2B and B2C communication, lead generation and marketing campaigns, so having the right email management tools will make your job a whole lot easier.

We found this great article by Mailbird, where you can read about the features of email clients, efficient email management tools, selecting an email provider and other inside tips on the subject. With over 2.7 million emails sent per second, you might have to consider utilizing the power of email communication to grow your online business. (contd.: How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?)

Furthermore, newsletters are trending right now, and you should know how to jump on that bandwagon.

Managing projects

When it comes to managing projects, we have two recommendations for you. The first one is Asana, an excellent and highly efficient “to-do list” that lets you and your team coordinate projects and tasks between each other.

Asana is a very customizable app, available online and on mobile with a dashboard that’s easy to understand, and you can create projects and add followers in each task/subtask you create. The second one is Trello, which is a simple project management tool with a drag-and-drop interface.

You can create checklists, tasks, add comments and images for your team, and keep everyone updated with the latest news.

Managing team communication

The most popular app on the market for managing team communication in 2018 is Slack. It has a mobile and online version you can use to keep in touch with your colleagues. Slack is like a Facebook messenger but with more integration features (it integrates Asana for example), made with professional communication in mind.

Furthermore, it displays smart and funny messages while it loads your threats and channels. You can even create your personal to-do lists, reminders and notes in your private communication window (yes, you will be chatting with yourself, but sometimes everyone needs an expert opinion).

Streamline everything

Our last advice is to find a way to streamline everything! If you’re trying to build an online store, you have to coordinate with your team all the time, from reviewing contracts to delivering products and content. If your process is streamlined, then everything will go smoother and faster, which is the end-goal. (contd.: How to Choose the Right Tool Stack?)

The best product on the market for a streamlined working method is the



Google Tests Relevant History Feature in Mobile SERP

Search juggernaut appears to be testing a new drop-down section ‘relevant history’ for search results in mobile. The section would be in drop down format and will appear at the very top of the mobile search results.

Google Tests Relevant History Feature

The section will be showing page history directly related to the search that you previously visited.

Google Relevant History Feature

Look at the screenshot attached. You will see all sites that the searcher had visited previously. The interesting thing to note with the feature is that it won’t show any description with those results. All that it will show are the title, URL and any relevance thumbnail if available.

This is another way Google is showcasing personalized results to the searchers. It becomes even more important since it aims at mobile search query where limited screen space available to display the results. The feature is being tested with a select group of people.

We haven’t any clue when it will be available for a global roll out. Google neither confirmed nor declined the news.

Stay tuned for more updates on its availability for  all the users.

Snapchat redesigned app for Android

Snapchat to Redesign its Android App, to be Launched Soon

Photo based messaging app Snapchat is set to unveil its redesigned app for Android users.  People associated with the development said that Snapchat is working on the alpha version of its Android app that’s designed to offer an experience more on par with the iOS version.


Apple Removes 25,000 Apps

Apple Removes 25,000 Apps from its Chinese App Store

A report published in Chinese media confirms that tech giant Apple removed over 25,000 apps from the Chinese version of the App Store. As per the latest reports, the app store houses over 1.8 million apps.

Apple Removes 25000 Apps From App Store

Apple Removes 25,000 Apps

There is no official confirmation of the news from Apple as of now. But if the news comes true, the amount of removed apps would be equivalent to 1.4% of the total number of apps it offered.

In its official statement today, Apple said that they have removed gambling apps as they are illegal in the Chinese version of the App Store. Chinese media has always been very critical to Apple for not taking urgent steps to remove illegal apps in the App Store.  The report said that despite Apple’s claim that they don’t allow such apps in the app store, bogus lottery and gambling apps are still available in Chinese version of iOS store.


skype Archive Conversation Feature

Skype Brings Archive Conversation Feature in Latest Update

Microsoft owned Skype gets a most awaited feature in its latest update. The latest version of this most popular messenger app allows users to archive conversation for further reference.

Skype’s Archive Conversation Feature

The updated version of the Skype is available on Android and iOS for download, limited to the users enrolled in the Skype Preview Insider program.

If you’ve updated version of the app, you can archive a conversation by visiting the following places in your Skype app.

  • The chat list item menu (Right

What are Cell Boosters and How They can Benefit You?

Cell phone has become a major part of our day to day life. Wherever we go it is one the thing that goes along with us. You can call it a necessity or just aimless use of the mobile phone but it has to be with you more than anything else. We cannot imagine a day without our phones it is need of the hour. Cell phone helps in communication via calling or texting and at the same time it is one of our favorite ways to pass time.

Many a times when we cannot use our cell phone due to poor signal, it gets very annoying and irritating. Imagine you have to make an urgent call? When you need to make crucial payment online?  When you need to fix important appointments? At times you are stuck somewhere and need help? This is a just the beginning let us not even go there! For situations like these cell phone booster installation can be useful.

What is a cell phone booster?

Before digging into the advantage of a cell phone booster we first should understand what a cell phone booster actually is? A cell booster is specifically designed to boost your network that will enable better communication. A cell phone booster in simple words is a device that catches weak mobile signals, amplifies and then transmits them. The waves that are transmitted through the mobile towers decreases with distance and various hurdles. A cell phone booster enhances this decreased amplitude of the waves to help you communicate better.

What are causes for

How to Use Social Media to Promote Services of an Academic Writer?

Social media is most commonly considered as a computer-mediated latest advancements that prominently facilitate the newest creation and sharing of several things such as career interests, information, and exceptional ideas through various virtual networks. However, it has been observed that there are numerous advantages of advertising on social media channels.

Social Media to Promote Academic Writing Service

Meanwhile, in this fast-growing world, the services of academic writing has been encouraging and play a vital role. There is a number of websites such as Top Writer List where essay writers can get paid. However,  there are other ways of promoting services of an academic writer; social media is deliberated one of the best tools. It has been stated that social media has redefined the way academic writing is promoted. With these latest technologies and advancement, there is no need to spend numbers of hours online in order to start using social media to promote writing services effectively.

Thus, here are ways and tips to use social media effectually in regards to promoting services of an academic writer.

Initiate with a Blog

Writing a blog is considerably a great initiative and having a personal blog is noticeably the best ways to stay connected with the potential customers. Blogs represent the quality of a person’s work in an effective and appropriate manner. A blog should be well-written, appropriately formatted, highly engaging, and a person should promote it strategically via social media.

Engage your Readers

It is highly important to engage readers in social network and likewise, it is vital to form real connections with individuals of value to your network. Making a strong association will help the writer to gain maximum customers. Another considerable thing is to exceptionally believe in what you are writing without any doubts. In addition, to engage readers is to reflect perfection in your writing style and it must be error-free.

Trending Channels

As perceived, there is a number of different platforms available to choose from while using social media to promote academic writing services. Such trending and latest channel include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. While using any of the social media platforms it is highly recommended to choose and figure out the best resource which can cater the targeted audience.

Consistent brand image

Although you do not use different social networking platforms for all the same purposes, you need to maintain a consistent brand image. Make sure your username and logo match each account and you’ll learn the look and tone. You want people to easily identify your brand, even the best information will not bring anything good unless it comes back to you.


When sharing the content, use the custom publishing feature on each social networking platform. This includes names, images, and instructions for what you share. Every marketer and user of social networks is agitated for the user. The more your site is optimized for your messages, the more effective your advertising on social networks will be. For instance, divide each category of the subjects and post your expertise while providing sample papers in an effective manner.

Asking questions is important

Do not simply delete the link. Ask users of