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Things Dentists Need to Know About Their Websites

If you’re a dentist and you have a website, you may have let someone else manage it for you. There’s only so much you can do, right? However, you do need to keep an eye on how your website is doing.

Here are a few basic things you could do to give your website a personal touch. Even though others are managing it perfectly for you, only you would know what kind of content to set as a dentist.

Your website reflects your practice:

 When people look at your website they are actually looking for glimpses into your practice. If your website is optimized so is your clientele. Potential patients now look for online reviews and reputation before investing in health care.

Dan Milton from believes that one of the most important parts of a dental website is making it user-friendly and including concise, attention-grabbing content. Creating engaging content on your website gives a personalized touch to it, making your patients feel more at home.

Studies have shown that personalized websites get much more engagement than websites with corporate tones.

Customization makes people feel at home:

 A basic skill that every doctor must possess is making their patients feel at home. Visiting a doctor is always very daunting.

If the doctors soothe the patient’s nerves, they have a 200% chance of getting that patient to make more visits. As a dentist, you can do this even on your website. Include content that lets the patient know that you care about them. Add graphics that make the patient feel reassured.

Organic marketing is a gradual process:

The most ethical and cost-effective way of marketing online is organic marketing. This may be slow but has great results in the long run. It does not require much investment either and boosts your ranking on search engines more than your competitors if done right.

Own your website:

You may feel that leasing websites from developers is more efficient because you don’t have to put in much time and energy, but this is not such a good idea. Own your website so you may change and modify it any time you want.

It is slightly more costly but worth it. A website is an important property and makes sure you have full ownership of it in case you need to self-run it. It would be a very intimidating task to re-make your website should you have a fall-out with your developer.

Mobile optimization is a must:

 Most websites are designed for the web. But with the growing number of users who operate only from their phones, it is very important that your website runs just as well on mobiles too. Schedules are changing and most people have their schedules packed.

They prefer to operate everything from their mobiles on the go. If your website isn’t running well on mobiles you may lose a considerable number of patients

Be Unique:

Many dentist websites have the same template, especially those managed by developers. Give your website a personal touch and add content that is relevant both to you and your clientele.

For example, if you are organizing any drives or have special amenities, you can advertise on your website. Being exclusive will make people more connected to you and you’ll have loyal clients.

Have a dynamic website:

Most dentists make a website and don’t pay much attention to it. It is important to keep updating your website so people can see all the latest going on in the world of dentistry. Regularly


Moto Z4 Play Hinted with in-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Waiting for some cool smartphones to set 2019 on a joyride? Motorola has big news to break. The company has gearing up for launching its next flagship Moto Z4 Play earlier this year.

The renders reported from the Android Authority via known tipsters show that Moto Z4 Play won’t ditch the legacy of Moto Mods and will be launched to fit in their set parameters.

If it’s seen from the front, the Moto Z4 Play appears to be a bezel-less device from all sides with a small waterdrop-shaped notch on top. At the back of the phone, we can see a single camera setup sitting behind circular frame.

The Motorola batwing logo sits beneath it. The bottom end of the phone carries the connecting pins for the Moto Mods.

The renders suggest that Moto Z4 Play might be coming with a waterdrop notch. It may be similar to one that OnePlus 6T and the Essential Phone have.


Moreover, leaked images suggest that the phone will be without rear fingerprint sensor. It’s rumored that the Moto Z4 Play could feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Have a look at the images teased and you will see a 3.5mm headphone available with the Moto Z4 Play. We guess that Moto Z4 Play may see the light in the summer of 2019 or in the next few months.