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Samsung First Foldable Phone: Little that We Know

Samsung unveiled its foldable phone first time at its SDC 2018 developer conference in San Francisco. At that time the device looked like a rather thick smartphone that folds.

Samsung First Foldable Phone is Here

credit: pocket-lint

It was a prototype that the company is now showing up Samsung First Foldable Phone officially as “Infinity Flex” flexible display technology.

It’s now official that Samsung is almost ready to unearth its foldable device. It’s already in domain that company has been working on this device and has been teasing it for over a fortnight. (contd.: Samsung First Foldable Phone)

Now, the world is getting the first glimpse of world’s first foldable phone. The phone may have a tablet-sized screen and can indeed be folded up, as it was showed off during the show. The brick shaped device could flaunt a 7.3 inch tablet display and a cover display that acts as a phone.

Samsung claims that the phone can run up to three apps at the same time as it comes packed with a “multi active window” feature.

Samsung will start mass production of the infinity flex display phone over a few months. However, the company hasn’t uttered any words on when the phone will ready for the market. Meanwhile, Google affirmed its support for for foldable phones. (contd.: Samsung First Foldable Phone)

We, as of now have no clue how much the phone will cost and where it’ll launch first. Stay tuned as we will keep updating you on the matter.

apple airpods 2 spotted

Apple AirPods 2 Spotted with Apple Watch Related Improvements

While we are busy waiting for Apple to confirm its the date of AirPods successor AirPods 2, geeks spotted the device on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Apple AirPods 2 Spotted

apple airpods 2 spotted


The device is reportedly listed with model numbers A2031 and A2032 since November 1. The filing has also made observations that it will comprise some features exclusively designed for Apple Watch users.

The listing on the website shows the new Airpods having Bluetooth v5.0 support. We guess them that they could be with model numbers A2031 and A2032. The listing didn’t though suggest any possible feature and specifications of the product. .

There are reports that the AirPods 2 may come packed with slew of health and fitness-focused features including wellness sensors to enable the transmission of “biometric data, heart rate, body movement, and calories burnt”. The new AirPods are also expected to support heart-rate monitoring.

The new AirPods will possibly come alongside the AirPower charging mat a wireless charging case. In addition to the above, Siri and other improvements would be part of the arrival.

Apple AirPods 2 Spotted

Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides

Now Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides for You

Thanks to the massive AI capabilities given to Google’s personal assistant. Now, you can also book a cab ride from cab aggregators Ola and Uber using Google assistant.

Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides

Google Assistant Book Ola Uber Rides

All you need to give a voice command, and your cab will be at your doorstep.

Give voice commands such as “Hey Google, book a ride to the India Gate” or “Hey Google, get me a taxi to the nearest metro station”. Now, you will see multiple ride options available from Uber, Ola and many more along with related details on estimated pricing and wait times from each service.

If you want to hire a cab from a specific cab aggregator, just include the name of that aggregator in your voice command. Once you’ve got an option of your choice, tap on the option to open the corresponding app of the ride hailing company. Now complete the booking as you always do.

Google announced the feature via a blog post. The feature will be available in English and in the countries where Ola and Uber offer their ride hailing service. The feature will be expanded to other countries as well in coming months.

Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides

Facts to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse in 2018

The gaming world has grown so much over the past few years, with a big percentage of the world’s population, children and adults, finding pleasure in it.

Buying a Gaming Mouse? Things to Consider

Facts to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

Truthfully, it is not mandatory that you use a gaming mouse because it does not make you any more of a pro, but why miss out on the pleasure, the added comfort, and convenience that comes with a gaming mouse?

There is a wide range of gaming mice to opt for in the market, so you must be intentional about what you are looking for before buying one. Here is a comprehensive guide of things you must consider for your gaming mouse purchase:


Best DMV Test Apps

Ace Your DMV Test with the Best DMV Test Apps

Can’t wait to hit the road? Well hold on a second, if my memory serves me correct, first you need to pass the DMV test. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you already dug into studying. And also, it didn’t go as well because you’re looking for a better and easier way to nail the test.

Best DMV Test Apps

Best DMV Test Apps

No shame in that, I’ve done the same back when I was studying for my driver’s license. Back then all I had were textbooks to help me learn, but in today’s world, there are a lot of more options. One of them are apps and to my surprise, there’s a pretty decent choice of apps that focus on DMV test preparations.

You can take free DMV written test to really nail down the valuable knowledge and even review questions straight from your state’s handbook. It turns out it doesn’t even matter if you are taking a car or motorcycle test. Long story short, I found a couple of nice apps on a site that sorts them by user reviews, ratings and downloads which I found to be really cool and helpful. It definitely saved me a couple of minutes.

To make it even easier for you, I decided to review Best 10 DMV Test Prep Apps by AppGrooves I found to be the most useful.

Get in-depth feedback on your

Twitter Tests Comment Threads and Status Indicators Features

Twitter is known for adding new innovative features on its platform more often. Now the microblogging social network is spotted testing two new features- comment thread and ability to see when someone is online.

Twitter’s director of product management Sara Haider tweeted a couple of screenshot showing how features will actually look. She wrote that these features will make Twitter more conversational.

“hey Twitter. we’ve been playing with some

Creating an Online Store, Advertising and Promoting Strategy

In a world of inexorable changes and innovations at the market where people are in a constant search for completely new ways of establishing their product’s name, one may be at a crossroads of what to do, especially, when you’ve just started up your online store from scratch and look for online store advertising.

Advertising and Promoting Strategy for Online Store

No matter whether you’re offering a brand of clothes, garden tools or essays like here, you still have to find the best approach to potential customers. Therefore, you might find useful these strategies on how to advertise and promote your website.

To begin with, it should be underscored that your e-commerce platform cannot be efficient by itself and will require a supporting hand from other sources. There are plenty of methods that can be helpful in online marketing, however, we offer you a list of 3 most popular and experience-proven strategies that will definitely enable you to enter the big game of Internet commerce. Besides this, you will find a short list of commercial tricks that can improve your credibility before customers and bring you to new heights of marketing.

#1 Content Targeting

This method implies a constant refilling of your blog with videos, images, articles or any other content that, which is attractive to possible customers. The point is to create the most appealing look of your product’s primary source, hence a website that will convince potential buyers that the company cares not only for their income but for the buyers’ needs and the quality of a product.


Let’s take, for instance, socks. If there is an upcoming holiday, like Halloween, then you get a marvelous opportunity to introduce your items in a new light by creating an article on your platform saying ‘Make sure you choose a cool outfit for that Halloween party’.

There, you give a few pieces of advice on matching clothes like a shirt, pair of pants, shoes and, more importantly, your socks. Apart from recommending the season’s main colors and trends, you add to the post suitable pictures of your product used as a part of an outfit and a link transferring readers to your order menu.

How then does it work? In an attempt to dress up for a Halloween party a restless fashion-lover will find your article that will give them an idea of what to wear and your product, socks, will become an inseparable momentum. Maybe, they won’t buy it right away by they will definitely add your website to bookmarks just in case.


Even though this idea is quite bright, it still requires a thoughtful approach in order to make it functional.    Consider the audience’s age, social class, trends and dwelling place. Doubtlessly, you are not able to hook everybody but your aim is to find a certain group of people always willing to worship your product.

  1. Make your content useful and applicable by leading a blog or posting articles that don’t shove your items into the buyer’s face but suggest it as a solution to their problem.
  2. Entertain in the most unexpected way. It’s a tough task to do but it will definitely boost your followers. Instead of spamming your content with articles on fashion all the time, try posting ’10 times you shouldn’t have worn socks like this’ and so forth.

Apps Which Can Help Pay Down Student Loan Debt

Paying off student loan debt is not that easy. There are students who struggle a lot with the management of their daily expenses and loan installments. How about we tell you about some amazing apps out there which will enable you to pay off your student loan and manage your finances efficiently. Some of the apps following are totally debt centered, while others enable you to get your financial life on track, so you can pay down your debt.

This free app is quite smooth. It’s an online debt snowball strategy application where you can enter your finances, your loan information, and you intend to perceive how to pay off the greater part of that loan. It’s an entirely clean framework without any fancy odds and ends. They do have a premium plan that has more highlights; however the free one is satisfactory for some. One thing which can be improved in this app is that you need to manually enter the majority of your debts and expenses. It doesn’t total like a couple of other apps or like ReadyForZero, however it’s a simple app that you should have a look at.

Student Loan Hero

This is apparently close to ReadyforZero with its focus on student loan. They truly need to enable you to pay everything down and their interface makes it simple to perceive how you are getting along. You can pull in the entirety of your loan information into their smooth dashboard. This causes you settle on smart choices about where your cash is going and to what extent it will take you to pay off those student loans.

They also enable you to save money by giving customized re-payment designs in the light of refinancing, deferment, and whatever other choices that may work to support you. In case you are looking for


Money Saving Tips for College

College is notorious for its expense. Many students spend approximately 200,000 dollars on a bachelor’s degree only to graduate and make 35,000 dollars per year. The spending and receiving discrepancies have caused some people to thin that a college degree is worthless. However, a college degree can increase a person’s lifetime earnings by 1,000,000 dollars. Saving money for college can help make a college degree more worthwhile because you will have less loans to pay back.

Best Money Saving Tips for College

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