Blackberry BBM Gets Private Chat Feature On Android And iOs

Blackberry is doing all its efforts to mark its BBM messenger competitive in a marketplace filled with so many messengers.  Now, the company has added a new feature ‘Private Chat’ to BBM messenger on Android and iOs operating systems. This private messaging feature will hide user identity in chat and would be available for some price.

When user enables private messaging feature, the private mode strips identifying information, like the sender’s name and profile picture. The chats made under private   messaging close automatically after a short period of time.

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The feature has been brought under a Privacy and Control subscription that costs $0.99 for a month. The company hasn’t only introduced the timed sending and retraction of messages options, but also put in place a new feature that allows you to edit a sent message by retracting it, editing it and then re-sending it.

-Blackberry BBM Gets Private Chat

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