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Top 12 Best VPN Services for October 2018 (Updated)

VPNs offer true rescue in case you seek to have internet settings, hiding your true location online or looking forward to beef up existing privacy measures. Technically, VPNs connect two computers securely and privately over the internet.

If you think your VPN service should be in the list, contact us.

Top 12 Best VPN Services (Updated List)

VPNs act in a straightforward manner. As user opens up a web browser and enters a URL on the device, a request is sent to the VPN server. On receipt of the request, VPN mediates and forwards the request to web page further from the site and send it back to the user.

This way, website can see only the VPN server and not the client device requesting it. This is how you can conceal your internet activity from your IP address. You may have both free and paid VPNs available in the market, and it’s up to you which one to choose. (12 Best VPN Service Providers 2018)

Despite those many benefits, tech experts warn against the free VPN addiction. Not all but most of them have been found selling your discrete data to third parties. In the list below we have sorted 12 most popular VPN Services you can choose from. They are inexpensive and safe too. Here we go:


Albacross – B2B Lead Generation Tool Reviewed

All businesses aim to increase their revenue. And if this is your goal, you should implement tactics to generate the maximum number of leads from your website traffic.

Albacross  B2B Lead Generation Tool Review

59% of marketers identify generating high-quality leads to be their biggest B2B lead generation challenge. But let’s talk about the real reason for this: many of us are simply using the wrong tools, while others keep utilizing them incorrectly.

Let’s have a detailed look at one of the most powerful lead generation tools that comes in handy for these situations.

Meet Albacross

Albacross is the world’s first free B2B Lead Generation Network. This tool is intended to transform unknown B2B website visitors into business leads by collecting contact information and other data of your website visitors.

Albacross enables its users to see who’s visited their site, which pages they visited, where they spent the most time, their chief decision-makers, and the ways they can be contacted. In other words, this tool detects your site’s visitors, and consequently powers the corresponding lead generation process to help you convert traffic into actual sales.

Albacross B2B Lead Generation Tool Review

Get Started

Albacross is very easy to get started with. All you need to do is click the “Get Started” button and provide your e-mail, create a password and you are good to go. It’s also possible to sign up using one of your social media accounts – Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

On the step 2, you’ll be asked to type in your first and last name. And finally, you need to provide the following data to finish your registration: company name, website, department and role.

Now, it’s time to install a lightweight tracking code to your website. You can do this in 3 ways:

  • Install it manually;
  • Use Google Tag Manager;
  • Use the native CMS plugin for WordPress, Joomla!, or Drupal.

Basically, it’s just a simple copy pasting and it’s no harder than that!


Upon logging into the account panel, one is greeted with the dashboard. Albacross has a rather simple interface and allows to quickly get used to it. On the very top, there is a search box you can use to find a wide range of companies related to your business. (contd.: Albacross  B2B Lead Generation Tool Review)

Just type in your keyword and observe the results. This will provide a list of companies from all over the world which you might want to target. Furthermore, you can narrow down the list by just using the filters on the left.

Let’s say you are looking for cosmetics companies located in India and with no more than 50 employees. In this case, you simply need to type in the “Marketing agency” into the search box and use the “Location” and “Employees” filters. And that’s it, now you have a targeted list, based on those criteria, full of hot leads.

Albacross B2B Lead Generation Tool Review

The “Track” tab is used to overview the companies which have visited your website. However, this way of lead generation requires a couple of days to generate data from your site and furnish your dashboard with new leads. Once that process is complete, however, you will have real-time updates to your lead list.

For each business lead, users can also dig further to determine the precise web pages viewed and actions taken.

The “Track” tab will show your visitors’ data which can be filtered by any combination of the following:

  • No. of times your site has been visited (activity)
  • Revenue
  • Employees
  • Pages visited
  • Time since last visit
  • Location (country)
  • Source (Facebook, Google Search, paid ads etc.)

The major goal here is to detect the leads that fit your ideal customer profile, so that you could target those with the highest potential value and most likely to convert.

The “New Campaign” tab will provide you with an opportunity to upload your own list of companies. This is a great option for those who already have some information about the business they want to target. Hit the “Upload list” button and you’ll be able to upload the list to Albacross. It should be either the company name or its number and location included in the list. The tool will process all the data through their database and find matches.


With Albacross it is easy to access your data whenever you want. But it’s also possible to set up a custom “Email report”. Just select “Email reports” from a dropdown menu under your name in the top right corner and hit “Create report” button. And that’s it, just a few clicks and all the new leads will be delivered to your inbox every week. (contd.: Albacross  B2B Lead Generation Tool Review)

Export the leads

When it comes to exporting your leads, Albacross gives you 2 options. You can export them either to your computer as a .csv file or to your CRM system such as Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, etc., using Zapier – a software that helps to connect different apps together without technical skills.

To get started, you should have active accounts on Albacross and Zapier. Head to Zapier and press the “Create a Zap” button. Then, search for Albacross app to choose it as a trigger for a Zap. After that you should select “Exported Lead” option from the list.

Connect your Albacross account by providing the API key. You can find it under your account settings, in the CRM & Integration tab. Once done, you can choose any CRM, app, or just a GSheet in Zapier to export your leads to.


The tool is Freemium, meaning you can generate your leads for free. If willing to avail more features of it, then go for its premium version. The price is $79 per month if you choose the annual plan. Features of the paid Albacross software include 14 days of Free Trial, 100 contact details of decision makers per month, possibility to export the leads, CRM integration, etc.

Account-Based Marketing

Albacross surves its users not only as a lead generation tool, but also as an