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Codelobster PHP IDE – How to create a Blog on WordPress?

Content management system WordPress – it is the best choice for those who have decided to start your own personal blog or portfolio site.

WordPress actively used by web studios and independent developers, there is a large number of free plug-ins and high-quality design templates for it.

Codelobster PHP IDE : Create a WordPress Blog

There is an opinion, that it is very difficult to create and maintain large-scale projects by WordPress, as this can cause performance or security problems. But it is too exaggerated.

Does this mean that WordPress is not suitable for corporate websites and e-commerce sites? No, of course, since such problems may arise when working with any other CMS, if you select the wrong approach to the implementation of the technical part of the project.

Everything depends on the programmer’s skills, and to avoid problems with scaling and support, you can start to write a well-documented code.

For each web masters is important the choice of tools to work to quickly and efficiently add and edit CMS functionality to fit your needs.

Specifically, in order to deal with WordPress, I chose a convenient and light to mastering development environment – Codelobster PHP IDE.

In this article we shall study the work with the CMS WordPress in Codelobster.

Installing the WordPress using Codelobster Wizard

An interesting and useful feature of my IDE is the ability to automatically deploy the project and start working with WordPress in just a few minutes.

We do not need to look for the official website on the Internet and download the latest stable version of CMS, all care about creating and configuring the site incurs the IDE.

So, let’s begin. We will need the HTTP Apache server and the MySQL database server, I use in this article the set of tools for web development XAMPP.

Run Codelobster and go to the main menu. Then select the menu item “File” -> “New” -> “Project”.

Now we need to fill in the fields in the dialog box. Select the type of project to create – “Create a blank WordPress site”.

Immediately we come up with a project name and enter it in the “Name of the project” field.

Choose the path to the project, place it in a directory on the local server for shared files.

As a result, Codelobster create a folder named “wordpress-blog” in the directory “htdocs” of Apache server, and we will be able to manage a website using the URL – “http://localhost/wordpress-blog/”.

Click “OK” and go on.

The next dialog box – the basic configuration of access to the database server. We must enter the name of the database, as well as the correct username and password for MySQL, for the IDE could create and fill correctly site database for installation in the CMS.

Codelobster PHP IDE

Click “Next” button.

At this stage you can enter the address of the remote MySQL server, but our server is running on the local computer, so you can not change anything and go to the next dialog window.

Now we have to configure our blog. We introduce the name of the site, login and admin password, as well as e-mail. These data will be used to log in to the admin-panel of the blog and management.

If the installation is carried out on remote hosting rather than on the local server, be sure to note the checkbox “Public”, if you want to make enabled an indexing of site by search engine robots.

We’re click the “Finish” button and wait until Codelobster installs WordPress.

The site is installed and the project opens in the IDE, you can select files to edit in the left panel of the program.

Let’s check how our site works – enter the URL “http://localhost/wordpress-blog/” in your browser.

As we can see, the site is working fine!

We pass on the link “http://localhost/wordpress-blog/wp-login.php”, enter the administrator user name and password to log into the admin part.

Now we can manage our site and change the settings, change the subject, for example, or create a new post.

We return to the IDE again, for little editing of our site. Let’s open the header.php file and add a logo instead of the site header.

The instant hints will help us to deal with the purpose of the set of functions, for this you just need to put the cursor on the item of interest.

Look for the code string “<?php bloginfo ( ‘name’); ?>” And delete it.

Instead of deleted snippet of code paste the HTML tag ‘<img src = “/wordpress-blog/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/images/codelobster-logo-1.jpg” />’, as in the image below.

The value of the attribute “src” contains the path to our logo. Now save the changes – press the key combination Ctrl + S.

Let’s see what we have achieved. Open a browser to “http://localhost/wordpress-blog/” and refresh the page.

Codelobster PHP IDE

Wonderful! After we decorated our new blog by adding the logo, we can think about further improvement of the site.

Codelobster PHP IDE has all the necessary tools, not only for programming in PHP, but also to edit HTML markup, CSS styles and JavaScript.

So, you can now change the font color or add a background image. It all depends on your creativity and imagination.

Cropping a Video with Movavi Video Editor

Essentially cropping a video involves removing a section of its frame, and is frequently used to delete any black bars from videos or alter their aspect ratio. At the same time however it is much more powerful than that, and can be used to re-frame the video and focus the attention of viewers more effectively on certain parts.

Cropping a Video with Movavi

Cropping a Video with Movavi

If you want to be able to crop your video easily it would be a good idea to try Movavi Video Editor. Not only will it make the task of cropping videos a piece of cake, but it will let you visualize the new frame while you do so.

In order to crop a video, you should start by launching Movavi Video Editor and selecting the ‘Create project in full feature mode’ option in the menu. After that you can click on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and select the video you want to crop, or drag and drop the file into the ‘Timeline’.

To open up the ‘crop’ feature, you should click on the video in Movavi Video Editor’s ‘Timeline’ to select it, then click on the ‘Crop’ button in the row of icons above the ‘Timeline’. That will open up the ‘Crop and Rotate’ tool and overlay a rectangle on the ‘Preview’ window. All that you need to do is resize and reposition that rectangle to correspond with the new frame, and everything outside it will be cropped out when you click ‘Apply’.

While that’s all that is needed to crop any video, if you would like more detailed instructions you will find them at If you are satisfied with the video that you’ve cropped you can click ‘Export’ and choose a format to have Movavi Video Editor save it.

Instead of saving the video right after you’ve cropped it however, you could use some of Movavi Video Editor’s other tools and features. As a powerful video editor there are a lot of ways you could use it to improve your video, such as by enhancing the video quality, adding background music, applying effects, inserting captions, and more.

Just like cropping videos, all the other features in Movavi Video Editor are intuitive, and using them to improve your videos won’t require any prior experience. In fact if you spend a few minutes trying out each feature, you should be able to figure out how it works all on your own.

How to password protect and lock your files/folders in windows?

Windows has been one of the most commonly used operating systems for the past few decades and haven’t seen much any competition. The reason to its fame is because of the fact that it is the most user-friendly and is not as complicated as other running operating systems. We all have been using Windows since day one and it came with a series of Windows 97, 98, XP, 2007, 2010 and more.

However, the fame it has around it has also attracted those who you do not trust. These versions of Windows are only good while being used and are a bit open to threats as their security protocols aren’t dependent enough. The basic versions do not include any method of password protecting your files and folders hence, it is vital for you to use a third party software for added security. However, the basic encryption of files/folders is still possible. For example:

Windows 7, 8 and 10:


  • Select the folder/file you want to encrypt
  • Right-click on the properties of the respective file/folder
  • Tap on ‘Advanced’ button on the General Tab
  • Moreover, select the box for the ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’
  • Finally, click on ‘OK’ on both Windows

Windows XP:

  • Select the folder/file you want to encrypt
  • Right-click on the folder/file and tap on ‘Properties’
  • Furthermore, tap on the sharing tab and select the ‘Make this folder private’
  • Finally, tap on Apply and then OK
  • In case if you are using two or more accounts on your computer, you can use the steps listed below.
  • Highlight the folder/file you want to encrypt
  • Right-click the folder/file and tap on Properties
  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ button on the General tab
  • Select the ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’ option
  • Click on Apply and finally OK

To protect files on Windows 10 using WinRAR,

How to Filter Custom Attributes Per Category in Magento 2?

It takes an effort of few poorly designed websites to dampen the interest of customers from the online purchase. You have less time to impress your customers.  As soon as a customer enters your store, the hourglass of patience starts unwinding. You will have to make way for your customers and make them land where they wish to go before the hourglass rushes out. Website navigation accounts for all the success within the mentioned time frame.

What Is E-commerce Navigation?

 Layman’s Term

When eCommerce store helps shoppers to discover the products quickly and easily, then it is known to have good navigating properties.

Detailed Explanation

Your homepage is the central hub for your eCommerce navigation. It should have the means to send visitors wherever they want to go, whether a specific product, browsing options, or customer service. Aside from that, it also has the power to influence and inform them. It’s the perfect place to advertise your best sellers, current & upcoming promotions, and general advantageous store policies like free shipping over a certain amount, giveaways, and schemes. Good navigation improves the online shopping experience and helps merchants increase sales and profits.


How to Optimizing HiDPI Images

How to Optimizing HiDPI Images in Adobe Illustrator?

All of today’s top tech devices are moving in the same direction: towards high definition graphics. Think of the retina displays that Apple has been rolling out with its iPads and iPhones, or how Android has been using displays with high DPI, x high DPI, or xx high DPI. Laptops and personal computers have 4k, 5k, and 8k monitors, and the list goes on.

Way to Optimize

How to Create QR Code from Your iPhone

How to Create QR Code from Your iPhone Device?

I don’t know how much you value QR codes, but for me, they’re changing my digital life big away. A quick scan of a QR code pasted on my neighborhood grocery shop, and payment is done. From making payments to sharing vCards and phone by scanning codes, QR codes are thankfully turning our digital lives.

How to Create QR Code from Your iPhone?

I can explain multiple examples how QR codes could unearth digital opportunities, though, the focal point here is how to create QR code using your Android or iPhone device. There are quite a few apps on iPhone that can help you create QR codes. QR Reader is probably the most popular one and is free to download.

Here are

LG G6 Preorders

How To Preorder the LG G6 Smartphone In the US?

Korean tech magnet LG has announced the release date of its latest and most awaited flagship device LG G6. The phone will be launched on April 7, and major carriers have already started taking preorders from the enthusiastic buyers.

How To Place LG G6 Preorders?

LG G6 Preorders

To recall, the LG G6 is a high-end smartphone with large 5.7-inch screen with a lanky 18:9 aspect ratio and a nearly bezel-less design. This is first phone from LG family that houses Dolby Vision HDR for life like music experience.

On optics front, the device sports two 13-megapixel cameras, one of which features a 120-degree wide-angle lens. Moreover, the LG G6 is a dust- and water-resistant and offer wireless charging. The phone is available two color options — platinum or black — and one storage capacity at 32GB.

If you reside in the US and want to purchase the phone, you need to place a preorder at any of the following carriers: