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LinkedIn Campaign Manager New Features: What’s New on Offer

LinkedIn appears to be on spree to turn advertisements on its social networking platform an easy going thing. Having this in mind, the company has completely revamped its campaign creation process.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager New Features


The company has reportedly rolled out a public beta release of ‘Objective-Based Advertising in Campaign Manager’ to include future changes into its advertising platform.

“This is a complete overhaul of Campaign Manager designed to make it easier to create campaigns and measure their impact. The newly designed campaign creation experience will lay the groundwork for objective-based optimization and pricing to come mid-2019.”

With LinkedIn’s newly proposed campaign creation process, advertisers starts with choosing the objectives and start working with available ad formats and features that suit their specific ad objectives.

LinkedIn’s new campaign creation process has added following features for users:

1. Easier navigation:

For making navigation easy, the multiple screens have been combined into a single, easy-to-navigate flow with fewer pages.

2. New forecasting panel:

The process brings in a new forecasting panel to let advertisers see estimates of expected results based on campaign inputs and comparisons to similar campaigns and advertisers.


How Much Do You Know About Social Media Marketing?

Beyond any doubts, with the advancement in technology, numerous websites and applications are present that users prefer to share, create or participate in an online network.

Social media is available in the form of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Is social media also beneficial for business? Well, yes.

Do You Know About Social Media Marketing?

Credit: LYFE Marketing

In the present time, most of the people have moved their business online to grow sale effortlessly. According to the recent survey, many experts have admitted that growing sale through social media marketing is a convenient method as compared to traditional marketing.

In addition, the traditional marketing method requires patience for better result and expensive as compared to average marketing budgets. However, social media is far better to cover each and every aspect of your business and generate leads to boost sale at less cost. Are you looking for a way to access social media marketing?

If yes, you don’t have to worry about it now. You have come to the perfect place, where potential users like you can easily gain enough information about it.


Shazam Instagram Integration

Shazam Instagram Integration: Make Insta Stories More Musical

After Apple acquired Shazam months back, we were expecting integration of this most popular music discovery app in most of the Apple’s properties.

Shazam Instagram Integration

Shazam Instagram Integration

And now the dice is rolling. With the latest Shazam app update for iOS version 12.3, users get the ability to share their favorite music to Instagram stories right from the app.

Sharing is pretty easy. All you need to do to hit the share button and tap the ‘Instagram Stories’ option.  The shared song will be seen on your Instagram story feeds for 24 hours.  People can view your story with the shared track from Shazam with its cover art and a button saying “More on Shazam”.

Tap the button for few seconds to see more details about the song on the Shazam app. Up until now, only users with updated versions of Instagram and Shazam on iOS can use the feature. It will be rolled out for the Android users over some weeks.

To recall, after Apple’s acquisition of Shazam for $400 million, the app became ad free for all users.

Shazam Instagram Integration

Periscope Brings Custom Start Points and Thumbnails

Twitter-owned live-streaming app Periscope brings a slew of new updates to add a breeze of freshness. With the latest update (v1.23), the platform brings three new features which are aimed at improving engagement with replays of your streams.

Periscope New Features: Custom Start Points, User Thumbnails

1. Pick a thumbnail:

credit: socialmediatoday

Starting with the new feature, Periscope users can now choose a thumbnail which highlights the best part of their stream. So far, users have only been able to use the auto-generated thumbnails from the start of your video.

2. Edit

Pinterest Marketing Predictions for 2018

Pinterest Launches Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Pin based social network has been working hard to make pins more viable by adding more features.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Now, Pinterest pins will be more convenient for shoppers as they will carry the links of the retailers that will let navigate users to the retailer’s product page.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Moreover, these newly introduced product pins also include current pricing and indicate the status of product availability in the stock. To indicate that product is in stock, a shopping tag icon is given there which users can tap on to make an immediate purchase or explore more about the product.

With the feature in place, the company wants that users can buy anything they see in pins on the platform. The platform now enables users to discover new products in the new shopping recommendations section. The section can be found beneath the Style and Home pins.

Pinterest Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

These shopping shortcuts are pretty useful for the users who visit the platform for shopping. With the new shopping shortcut, buyers can shop right from the home feed by holding down on any Home and Style pin and tapping the shopping tag. Now a feed appears displaying related product pins that are currently in-stock.


Instagram Testing Multiple Accounts On Android Devices

Instagram to Bring a Feature for College Community Groups

Facebook owned Instagram a new feature especially designed for college goers. A report from CNBC tells that feature will let student group them into college community lists.

The move is a reminiscence of Facebook that started out as a college-exclusive social networking platform.

The service is focused at college students that are enrolled with Universities or in process to get enrolled. Using the feature students can join their college community to connect with other students. Students are added to a class-based list where they add their university and graduating year to their profile.

Other users can also view the group members’ public Stories and direct message them from the community lists.

Instagram officially admitted that the feature is being tested with a select group of users. The feature is equipped with tools to report any inappropriate usage. As students are more inclined to engage via social networks, more companies have started focusing on catering to university students with extra precautions to keep their platforms safe.