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Top 10 Private Cloud Storage Service Providers in UK

Business has now finally started switching to cloud from physical hardware for file and application storage to ensure uninterrupted data access.  While businesses have wide range of cloud storage options to choose from, it’s crucial to rely on a right cloud service provider in the UK who offers low-cost storage, bandwidth, while still keeping your data safe.

Top 10 Business VOIP Providers in USA

Top 10 Business VoIP Providers List 2018

As landlines have started to go off the fence, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is now the new norm for making uninterrupted phone calls. Using high speed internet connections, VoIP providers let you skip your annoying telcos with an adapter box that converts convert analog signals to digital.

Top Business VOIP Providers 2018

It’s an ordeal to find a better business VoIP option among the plenty of options available. Thankfully, we can help you having the right choice with our list of top 10 business VoIP providers. Here we go:

1. RingCentral:

RingCentral tops our list of all the business-class VoIP providers for its extensive feature list, pricing, and customer focused plans. With RingCentral, business owners can buy a custom VoIP plans without fearing locked-in periods or annual contracts.

Users can change the plan and features on an a’la carte basis. With RingCentral, businesses can easily save big bucks every month. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)

2. Jive:

Top 10 Business VOIP Providers in USA

If being a business, you seek loads of massive customization abilities, Jive is be a right choice. Jive is loaded with a slew of awe inspiring features such as call forwarding and hold time announcements, along with automated call distribution options.

The best feature with the best VoIP service provider is its virtual queuing system that makes a call to your customers back when their turn has arrived. Alongside, the service comes packed with administrative tools to tracking an and mentoring of various metrics including how long calls last, who is receiving the most calls, and what time of the day you get the most calls.

 3. Vonage Business:

Vonage started its journey a decade back when VoIP technology was just started off. The company was one of those early age VoIP providers that offered both consumer and enterprise customers affordable plans to slash their business bills.

Now the company is focusing more on their business customers. The company serves its business customers with VoIP comprising 40+ business calling features, unlimited calling & faxing, and a contract-free signup etc.

4. Nextiva:

Nextiva’s USP is its affordable VoIP plans and solid network server support. Nextiva is the best suited VoIP solution if scaling up your business is the next thing you’re planning.

Without any upfront setup cost and with features like unlimited calling/faxing, Nextiva is perfect for businesses that need huge chunk of resource to ensure uninterrupted run for their VoIP systems. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)

The best VoIP service provider offers fully redundant network with ten server locations. The company guarantees their customers 99.99% server uptime and cheaper plan with basic features in place.

5. 8×8:

With its ability to make long distance calling to 35 countries without any Penny,   8×8 hits our list of top VoIP service solutions in the USA. If most of your customers are customers outside North America or Europe, 8×8 is the perfect choice.

8×8 allows unlimited calls to 35 countries at global locations with conference calls support for up to 15 members at a time that could be upgraded to 50. If in any case you don’t like their service, 8×8 offers a no-strings-attached 30-day money back guarantee.

6. OOMA:

With Ooma’s affordable VoIP plans, you may have easy access to the useful features such as HD Voice, encrypted phone calls, prioritization of voice data and advanced voice compression etc. The basic Ooma Telo box costs $99 (£76) and requires a wired connection, while Ooma Telo Air, the advanced version costs $129 (£99), and allows wireless use.

The VoIP Company offers two plans to its customers. The Basic plan is free and Premier plan costs $9.99 (£7.60) a month or $99.99 (£76). Though, the company does offer a two-month free trial with the premiere plan.

With both the plans,  you may enjoy unlimited calling, Amazon Echo connectivity, a mobile app for inbound and outbound calling, and call blocking etc. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)


VOIPO is the VoIP service provider that doesn’t offer any monthly plan but offers a two-year deal for $149 (£113). The plan works out at $6.21 (£4.70) per month for an unlimited amount of minutes.

The service comes with no strings attached 30-day money-back guarantee and 40+ premium features, including online voicemail, telemarketer blocking, softphone access, a free rollover line, and even 60 minutes of included international calling monthly.      

8. 1-VoIP:

1-VoIP offers best features in the most affordable price. Its unlimited calling pack for US & Canada offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls throughout North America at an affordable $17.97 (£14) per month. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription and no commitments at all.

Company’s lower budget plans start at $8.97 (£7) monthly with 500 outgoing minutes. With premium plans buyers can manage to have unlimited incoming minutes, as well as the hardware and the same premium features. (contd.Top 10 Business VOIP Providers)

The best VoIP service provider VoIP also offers compelling premium feature including ability to send PDF documents as virtual faxes, voicemails,  automatic rejections and a digital softphone to let users use their service from a computer or smartphone via an app.

9. CenturyLink:

Top 10 Business VOIP Providers

CenturyLink Hosted VoIP plans are devised to let employees and customers to connect anytime, from virtually anywhere, on any device. The provider’s VoIP solutions allow employees phone access from virtually anywhere, anytime. They can call to various mobile devices using one number. They help you keep your business running during a network outage.

Company has segments its plans in 6 different categories: Basic, Standard, Premium, Conference, Receptionist and Cordless. Each plan is further designed with optional features for soft clients, voicemail and virtual seats.

Company’s long distance plans offer unlimited local and domestic long-distance – ON CenturyLink Network and up to 10,000 minutes of long distance and toll-free service – OFF CenturyLink Network.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone marvel fully loaded with awesome features and incredible functions. With impressive features and looks, the phone comes with a relatively whopping and expensive price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features: The Best and the Worst

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

One can understand Samsung’s competitive compulsions, but the matter of the fact is that phone has its positives and negatives as well. Despite one of the most power packed Android phones ever, the phone has some downsides too.

The article brings forth 5 good and 5 worst things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display:

The majestic OLED display panel of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is par excellence. It turns phone’s display into a truly commendable asset. With 1440p OLED, the phone emits bright, colorful, and sharp display. With such a powerful display, it becomes easier to read even in the harshest outdoor lighting. Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s color accuracy is ideally perfect.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Accessory Ecosystem:

Your beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with finest range of accessories that complement your phone experience. With your phone, you can buy multiple accessories as well including buying cases, charging docks, screen protectors, and much more. These accessories add more to your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 experiences. The latest flagship brings with it best of Samsung accessories such as phone case options and screen protectors.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 New S Pen:

It’s unfair to boast of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without mentioning all new improved S Pen. With the latest flagship device, Samsung has introduced many noteworthy improvements. Beyond making notes and drawing random lines, the new Stylus S Pen can now be connected to your phone’s Bluetooth for about 30 minutes. Its button can perform a lot of functions and can act as a camera shutter and a slide controller.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 headphone jack:

Thankfully, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t force you to carry headphone jacks. Samsungs seems to be the one of those premium phones that come with a 3.5 mm jack and a set of finest AKG earbuds in the box. If you’re interested in having SB-C audio, the Note 9 does support the feature as well.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera:

The best part of the device is its magnificent camera that captures shots beyond ordinary. The Note 9 comes packed with a pair of 12MP cameras where one is a standard shooter and the other offers a 2x telephoto lens.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 captures pictures in detail, and the color reproduction is spot-on. Other noted features of the phone camera are always-on HDR processing and super-slow-motion video capture.


Top 12 Best VPN Services for October 2018 (Updated)

VPNs offer true rescue in case you seek to have internet settings, hiding your true location online or looking forward to beef up existing privacy measures. Technically, VPNs connect two computers securely and privately over the internet.

If you think your VPN service should be in the list, contact us.

Top 12 Best VPN Services (Updated List)

VPNs act in a straightforward manner. As user opens up a web browser and enters a URL on the device, a request is sent to the VPN server. On receipt of the request, VPN mediates and forwards the request to web page further from the site and send it back to the user.

This way, website can see only the VPN server and not the client device requesting it. This is how you can conceal your internet activity from your IP address. You may have both free and paid VPNs available in the market, and it’s up to you which one to choose. (12 Best VPN Service Providers 2018)

Despite those many benefits, tech experts warn against the free VPN addiction. Not all but most of them have been found selling your discrete data to third parties. In the list below we have sorted 12 most popular VPN Services you can choose from. They are inexpensive and safe too. Here we go:


Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins

Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins to Engage your Visitors

Do you spend too much of your time and effort trying to catch more visitors for your WordPress site? But despite all the hard work, a large chunk of those visitors bounce-away without any hope to return.

This is why, apart from only getting visitors to your site, you need to ensure you are doing everything possible that will keep them engaged once they get there. Brands like Amazon and Netflix have figured it out for themselves. They believe that one of the best ways to engage your website visitors is through the use of quality content recommendations.

“On WordPress, that translates to listing up posts designed on content that you know your visitor is already interested in. Which if done well, will keep your visitors engaged, allowing you more time to win a lead, get an email address, or just create a new loyal fan of your WordPress site.” says the panel of WordPress Developer London Experts.

Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins

Top 6 WordPress Related Post Plugins

Now, not all related-post-plugins are the same, which is why you need to ensure that you are picking the right one. To help do just that, WordPress Experts have outlined top six related-post-plugins for your WordPress site.

But what are related posts anyway?

Why WordPress Related Post Plugins are so

Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing

10 Ways to Use Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing

Sometimes it’s hard to determine what statistical information is essential for promoting a website. In the sinking sands of hyperlinks, viewers’ rates, the duration of visitors’ stay on a web page and many other factors, one can be confused about how to designate priorities and which ones are to be focused on.

Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

There is a whole different ballgame when it comes to digital marketing and it’s free. Wait, what!? Yes, you heard me. It’s free! It’s called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you’ve been living under a rock and this acronym doesn’t ring even the minutest sound of a bell, then let’s touch base with what it is, how it works and how it can catapult your business to success, come hell or high water.

Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO?

Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

Image Credit: DA BLOG

Let’s say you just started your first e-commerce business and you’re running around like a headless chicken because you don’t know where to start advertising. Considering the huge slice of budget needed in paid television or newspaper advertisements, you feel like you’re stuck in a limbo and don’t know what to do.

Well, there’s no need to scratch your head anymore because with the help of SEO or organic searches, as what it’s also popularly called, you can let the world see your products or services online! It works by first choosing the best seo firm that’ll rank your ads on the first page in Google, so whenever users search keywords related to your business, your ad pops up and will have a higher probability of getting conversions, it means, getting customers! And the best part is, wait for it… You don’t have to pay every time a user clicks on your ad, unlike PPC! It’s important to look before you leap when choosing a marketing strategy so let me give you 10 reasons why your business should invest in SEO:

1)   People All Around

Top 10 E-Wallets or Digital Wallet Apps in India

Money is what we all need to survive next to food, shelter, and cloth. But these days things are not over by just having the money. We have got the money in many forms these days and the electronic form of the money is one of them.

Top 10 E-Wallets in India

We Indians are showing up more and more interest in the digital or electronic form of money these days.

According to research done by the World Bank, “India Ranks 2nd in the list of Digital Payment Adoption Countries in Asia Pacific Region”

And that is the proof that the Digital Wallet industry of India is growing at a very high rate. We have got may digital wallets every other IT company wants to enter this industry and that is the reason why we see many E-Wallet apps which are available in India.

I can quote the example of OLA Money a digital wallet of OLA Cabs, we have Amazon Pay a very own wallet of Amazon Inc.

These are just two but there are many available!

But which is the best one or the top E-wallet app? Which all apps should you consider using in your day to day life?

I will tell you about the top 10 E-Wallet apps which are available in India which you can think of installing on your smart devices.