The Art Of Making Customers From Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a boon for brands as it is an excellent promotional venue to display products and even connect with potential consumers. But when you dig deeper, you realize that this digital tool is limited to sharing videos and photos sans any click-throughs to e-commerce.

Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers

Another skeleton in the closet is that its ROI is not as clear as that of Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. So, how can brands convert this engagement into sales? Well, it is simple, and the below strategies can help bring Instagrammers to your store, both digital as well as brick and mortar—

Provide Exclusive Content

The prince of social media marketing is exclusive content. It helps in iimproving your relationships with followers, makes them come back again and again, and even encourages them to interact with your brand on a long term basis.

Instagram followers

You can make your Instagram followers feel special by revealing products which you have not shared on other social media platforms. To post exclusive content, you need to launch the event or product live on Instagram and create exclusive offers.

Convert Your Store To A Hot Spot

Filters provide Instagram with the ability to make anything look quite enviable. Sometimes you may have scrolled down your feed and felt like you were at that fun vacation or glam dinner party. Well, why can’t you give the same feeling to your account? An “I want to go there” feel can instigate followers to come to your online store and look around.

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Brands that are managing pop-up shops are adept in the promotion of in-store events, especially on Instagram. Here, you need to think of it as your ‘Field of Dreams’ approach, meaning if you build it, people will come.

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Engage With Other Instagrammers

The engagement rate Instagram gives knocks the socks off other social media tools. However, you do need to realize that to get engagement; you need to give back too. Here you need to have a specific gameplan. First, brainstorm about other products, firms, values, activities, and individuals who fit into the story of your brand. Now follow these accounts on Instagram.

You can comment on their content, like their stuff and even check out who is following them. Also, make sure to respond to each of the comments that you get. Online experts feel that you get maximum interactions within hours after you post. So, try to make the time to give fans some attention.

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Be Likable

Unlike other social media platforms, it is harder to be likable on Instagram, as you are working with one medium- images. On Facebook, you can post inspiring quotes or funny sayings and even run like vs. share campaigns which encourage engagement. But with Instagram followers, it is a bit more challenging.

Instagram filters

It is important to avoid being lazy with your images. It is a well-known fact that most Instagrammers are amateur photographers. Make sure to use filters to enhance your pictures and use cool lighting, angles, and other innovative photography tricks. Get hold of tools and software like Diptic, Photoshop, and Photoshake to edit images or combine multiple photos into a single one.

Social media experts feel that personalizing your brand is one of the most important aspects of making your business likable among Instagrammers. You can add videos and photos of the fun activities of your employees. Plus you can provide a behind the scenes look at your firm and the fun stuff. Frankly, it is important to be authentic.

Use Third-Pary Applications

If you have a huge following and need a system which is a bit controlled, then you can try various third party online websites and apps. They can easily convert your Instagram feed into a great shoppableexperience for followers. Various big names like Vogue, Target, and Nordstrom, are currently using third-party apps to enhance the experience of their customers.

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Third party Apps

Winding Up

Hopefully, the above strategies can assist in converting followers to customers and even maximize your Instagram ROI. But just keep in mind that you need to have a significant number of followers first, so you must look at how to get more likes on Instagram. Once you acquire a following, you can employ various interactive strategies to keep them engaged with your brand.