Eero Wireless Router – Probably the Cutest Router Around?

Eero was only established a few years back but is known as one of the major manufacturers that want to wholly incorporate streamline and cloud based techniques when it comes to routers. People out there looking for a brand new router can check out the top picks of or actually try out a fancy wireless router like Eero.

Eero Wireless Router

The Eero router that we particularly had in mind was the Eero 3-Pack which is cost you around $399 or you can go for the 2-Pack that’s a little more affordable at $299; the company advices to use a box for every 1,000 square feet.

Appearance and Setup

Eero got its name from the famous designer named Eero Saarinen. Once you lay your eyes on the actual product, it’s obvious that serious time and thought have gone to the appearance of the router. The compact 4.75 inch square router looks like it just got out of the Appled product line; matte finish concentrated on the edge and corners, high gloss as well as a white plastic surface.

Regarding other measurements and specifications, the router is 1.34 inches high, contains an Eero logo on top and contains a little LED indicator light in front. A far cry from the typical bulky router with numerous external antenna, Eero can be placed anywhere in a household and it won’t distract you or your guests. Every purchase of an Eero set comes with a connector, adapter, one USB port 2.0 and two Ethernet jacks. Inside you’ll find five internal antennas, a 1GHz dual-core CPU, AC1200 Wi-Fi circuitry, 4GB in flash storage and 512MB of RAM.

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Even the packaging is something to talk about, a 3-Pack Eero has a power cord adorned with the company’s logo, three boxes and an Ethernet cable. Many have stated that the installation of the Eero is extremely easy, even for beginners. All you have to do is bring out the router, download the corresponding app in your device, find a power source for the router, connect it to your modem with the help of the Ethernet cable that comes with the package and wait for the indicator light to turn on. If the light is blue, you’re required to follow some instructions on your mobile device. Ultimately, adding more Eero routers across your home, if needed, is just as simple and easy.

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Router Performance

Numerous reviews stated that the Eero performs beautifully in numerous tests. Much like any other Wi-Fi systems out these, Eero offers automatic band steering which enhances its performance. The corresponding app is user-friendly and was designed to let the owner test the speed of the internet. Not only that, but it displays how many devices are currently connected to the network alongside the IP addresses.

A downside is the limited customization available on the network, like the inability to change security settings or even assign network priority to devices. Parents out there might also be disappoint with the overly basic parental controls; Internet Pause buttons and internet access scheduling for any member of the family are the only parental controls. Also, websites can’t be blocked and filter for contents are unavailable. But you can still configure Port Forwarding, change the network passwords and create guest networks.

Overall, the Eero Home Wi-Fi System is an amazing choice for those that want Wi-Fi coverage for their entire home without having to necessarily configure access points or range extenders. The installation is quick and easy so you won’t have to waste hours figuring out which wire goes where. In terms of installation and usage, the corresponding app makes everything easier even for the most inexperienced among us.

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