Why You Really Need (A) Extended Range Fuel Tank for Motorbike

Are you planning an expedition to a remote location? Great way to spend the weekend! But have you planned on getting an extended range fuel tank yet? If not you must consider buying it for sure. We all love going out on long trips to the countryside in the wilderness away from hustle and bustle of the cities. Country sides are beautiful and going there on a motorbike for an expedition is out of this world experiences.

Whether you are going on a trip along with your friends or on your own it is for sure that you will definitely have the most amazing experience of your life. Planning a trip on a motor bike is undoubtedly the best thing ever as you get to experience the beautiful landscape, the brooks and all in all the Mother Nature in front of your eyes. If you live in the city you need a break from the chaotic fast life of the city. Going to a remote location is the best option in case you want to relax and chill.

You get to live in close proximity to the nature and get to know the lifestyle of the local people which is quite different than the city life, yet the most amazing one. The cool breeze, the sound of the sprinkling water and the drizzling rain is something one just can’t miss.

While all this seems difficult to ignore one of the most important things while planning such trips is getting an extended range fuel tank. If you love motor biking and traveling it is pretty obvious you would have heard about it. But do you have one?

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Planning to buy an extended range fuel tank or a motorcycle fuel range bladder is a must while planning an adventurous trip off the road. It can help you in emergencies. Running out of fuel is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone especially in remote areas. We cannot stress enough on the fact that how important it is to have an extended range fuel tank while planning a long distance trip to remote areas. Apart from a backup up fuel an extended range tank can have numerous other benefits also. Let us have close look at these benefits.

Affordable Price

Gone are the days when extended range fuel tanks were quite expensive. These days you can find extended range tanks and fuel tank bladders at affordable prices in the market as well as in the online stores. There is a vast range of fuel tanks from where you can choose depending on the quantity of fuel you need on your expedition. The price range varies according to the storing capacity. Choose as per your needs.

Easy set-up and maintenance

An extended range fuel tank provides you with all benefits of the self-bundled system, which is an extended tank. These tanks have minimal maintenance as they are made to travel in rugged conditions and do not require any major safety compliance. These tanks come with a certified maintenance document that ensures completely operational use in the site.  Tanks from different companies offer various features like anti-corrosive coating, certified compliances that meet Australian safety standards and regulations. While buying an extended fuel tank make sure to check all of this for better results.

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 Portability and convenience

These tanks can be manually carried from one place to another as they are not very heavy. The fuel tank bladders are quite easy to carry. Even while riding a motorbike you won’t feel any kind of extra load which is for sure an added benefit especially when you plan a long distance trip to a remote location.

Fuel capacity / range

One of the most obvious reasons to use a fuel tank bladder is to store fuel in your long distant expeditions to avoid any uncomfortable situation. If you are traveling to a distant location far away from the cities there are chances you will not find any place to refill your tank. This is where extended fuel tanks come into play. You can store your fuel for emergency and avoid any kind of discomfort. These fuel tanks offer various capacities and range that is from 2 liters to 10 liters and even more fuel storage capacity. It makes your adventurous trip nothing but amazing.


Buying a fuel tank reduces the likelihood of any kind of fuel related emergencies. Carrying a fuel bladder on your coming expedition ensures safety as you do not have to worry about re-filling your fuel tank over and over again or running out of fuel. Having an extended range fuel tank simply means you have a fuel back up that you can use anytime and anywhere. And your vehicle is safe from any kind of fuel shortages during the journey.

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Limited availability of fuel

If you are a traveler you must be aware that in remote areas availability of fuel decreases and sometimes the prices are also higher due to limited resources. Even if you fill your tank completely there are high chances you would require to re-fill it especially on your way back. This is when extended range fuel tank or fuel bladders come in hand. You can use it anywhere and at any time.

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