Facebook Added Video Tools And Library For Page Admins

Facebook, the social networking legend has been consistently updating its video feature to compete Google’s YouTube. The newly updated features will give Facebook page admins more video customization abilities.


With improved video upload tools, page admins will be able to send ‘secret videos’. These videos are similar to YouTube’s unlisted videos that never appear in search and can be viewed only via direct video URL. The feature will make private video sharing possible. With updated tool, admins can now restrict audience by age, gender and other parameters. Some other notable features that Facebook has added are :

  •     Labeling of videos into categories directly on the Videos tab
  •     An ability to block third party embeds for the videos.
  •     An ability to set an expiration date of a video
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Using video library, a user can perform so many functions after video upload. The functions include:

  •     Editing of video’s metadata
  •     Adding of subtitles and changing the video thumbnail
  •     Control video distribution
  •     Prohibit third party embeds
  •     Publish to News Feed


The company has also introduced a video library where page owners can manage their videos. Bulk video editing has been made possible in this latest update. Page owners can access the section through the Publishing Tools section. Besides searching videos by by title or description, admins can also view and manage secret videos using the video library.

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-Facebook Added Video Tools

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