Facebook Changes Its Privacy Features. Now Make Your Cover Photos Private

If reports are to be believed, Facebook, the most popular social network is rolling out changes and updates in its privacy policy after considering the user inputs for the same. The changes proposed are under the development and testing phase. Some people however suggested that changes have already been rolled out for a group of users. The 4 major changes that Facebook is all set to implement and will be visible in the feed in times to come are the following:


1. Audience Selector:

So far users manually select or prepare a list of people with whom they like to share their posts. You are already familiar with ‘Public’ and ‘Friends’ options available in the drop down menu that opens when you share your status. Now onwards Facebook starts explaining what these terms actually stand for. Now a drop down menu will be added comprising the small descriptions such as “Anyone on or off Facebook” and “Your friends on Facebook.”

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audience selector


2. New Style Sharing Settings:

Facebook now shifts the audience selector to the top of the mobile interface that exists right above the status. It was earlier placed right above the keyboard close to the smiley, location and other icons. This new change will also elaborate the sharing setting with a proper title to whom you are sharing your content with. Options will be “Friends” and “Public“.

new style sharing settings3. Privacy Checkup:

Privacy checkup pop will be another change to remind those people who haven’t changed their privacy setting from Public for some time.

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4. Cover Photos:

So far cover photos were public by default but now a feature will be in place to allow users make their cover photos private.


(Story: Facebook Changes Its Privacy Features )

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