Facebook Crosses 1 Billion Mobile – Only Users, $6.8 Billion Ad Revenue

facebookFacebook, the undisputed social networking juggernaut has got few more reasons to boast of.  The company yesterday announced its earnings for Q3 2016. Along with the earnings, the company also announced that it has crossed 1.09 billion “mobile only” daily active users in September 2016.

This is probably the first time when Facebook has ever crossed an average of more than one billion daily active users (DAUs) on mobile devices and 1.18 billion DAUs on all platforms.  The company also announced that the social network reached 1.66 billion mobile only monthly active users and 1.79 billion MAUs on all platforms in September 2016.

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The numbers suggest how enormous Facebook has become. The stats above simply showcase a fact that on average a bit over 13% of all humans on Earth access Facebook every day on a mobile device and nowhere else and 92% of those who visit Facebook daily do so only on mobile.

Such a massive user base opens up earning potential and the company never misses up one. The company reported 78% bump in mobile advertising revenue, with mobile ad revenue accounted for approximately 84% of all advertising revenue for Q3.  If Facebook is to be believed, the company accumulated $6.8 billion in advertising revenue, and $2.38 billion in total profit.

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