Facebook Flash, An App That Sets To Take Snapchat Head on

Facebook, the social network juggernaut is now ready to give stiff competition to Snapchat with its new app Flash. This latest application from Facebook will effectively compete with Snapchat in emerging markets. Facebook Flash is Snapchat like photo- and video-sharing app that contains visual overlays which users can place on top of their content.

Facebook Flash

According to Facebook, the Facebook Flash application is designed for users in budding markets generally hit by poor data and WiFi availability.  Flash app consumes less than 25 megabyte when installed. The company has launched the app Tuesday on Android in Brazil.

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Facebook said that the app would be launched in other regions as well in near future. Facebook had launched a similar app Slingshot, a similar app, in 2015

This is not the first occasion when social network launched a Snapchat like app. In 2014, Facebook launched Slingshot, a photo- and video-sharing app, which allowed users to view their friends’ “shots” only after they sent them shots in return. Unfortunately, the company discontinued the app in 2015.

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