Facebook Live Gets Full Screen Feature, Adds Video Only Mode and Much More

Facebook has added some more features to its live streaming service Facebook Live. The first enhancement would be the full screen feature. The feature will enable users to stream and watch videos in full screen mode, in both Landscape and Portrait.

Facebook Live Gets Full Screen Feature

As of now, iOs supports portrait and landscape angles, while Android users can see the videos in only the portrait mode. The company said that landscape full-screen broadcasting on Android will launch later this summer.

Two other important features added to the service are- A video-only mode and longer broadcasts.

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Video-only mode:

The feature enables both broadcasters and viewers to remove distractions from the videos. Using the feature, they can temporarily hide Reactions and comments by swiping right. They can bring back reactions and comments by swiping left.

Facebook Live Sessions:

In another major announcement, the company said that Facebook Live sessions via both its flagship applications and the Facebook Live API can now stretched up to four hours.

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