Facebook Messenger Crosses 900 Million User Milestone; Set To Get More Business Features


Facebook, the largest Facebook messenger has announced today that its Facebook messenger has crossed 900 million user milestones. Besides, the company has also introduced several features to the app mainly aimed to at businesses.

David Marcus, VP of messaging products said in a post that Messenger now has more than 900 million monthly active users, and more than 1 billion messages are sent each month between Messenger users and businesses or pages. The messenger app reached the 500 million MAU milestones in November 2014, and the app topped the 700 million mark in June 2015 and the 800 million mark in January.

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Marcus has also said that the company is planning the rollout of:

  •  User names for both users and businesses, enabling other users to connect via a simple URL: m.me/yourusername.
  • Messenger Links, which enable users who click on the URLs mentioned above to immediately launch conversations with pages or businesses.
  • Messenger Codes, which users can scan with the cameras on their smartphones or tablets to launch threads.
  • Messenger Greetings, customizable notes that appear in those threads before messages are exchanged.

Facebook Messenger Crosses 900 Million User

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