Facebook Messenger Lets Users Invite Others to Join an Ongoing Call

Facebook brings a new interesting feature to its messenger app that will let users invite more people to calls while it’s already in progress.

The idea is simple. Suppose you are discussing a new SEO project with your SEO consultant and Content expert on Facebook messenger call. Now, if you need your designer to be there for further inputs, you can send him an invite quickly to join the call.

The Join call invitation feature appears to be the most anticipated enhancement offered to the Facebook messenger users. In past, if you wanted to add other participant to join an ongoing audio or video call, you had no option but to end the call, start a group chat with all parties, and begin a new call from the group chat window.

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As the feature is up for the users, you can see an “add person” icon during an audio / video call.   To invite a person to join the call, tap the icon and then select who you want to invite and the individual will be added to the in-progress call.

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