Facebook Messenger Update: Appealing Visual Design On The Roll

Facebook owned messenger app is set to get new features and an innovative new visual look in its upcoming update. The company said that the changes introduced in the updated will be added to the messenger app in days to come.

Facebook Messenger Update: New Visual Treat and Quicker Navigation

In its last update to FB messenger, Facebook mainly focused at adding various functionalities and capabilities to improve conversations running within the app . But now, this Facebook Messenger Update will reportedly bring a slew of notable visual changes that will ease out navigate across the app.

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Facebook Messenger Update

With this update, Facebook brings a new look messenger home screen. It’s more organized now without any change in existing number of features. Now, your messenger app will become your personal dashboard from where you connect with the people and businesses altogether.

Post the update, the inbox section will have new tabs to allow users navigate to their Messages quicker. A new bar has also been introduced at the bottom that features tabs to the Home screen, Calls, Camera button, People (search) and Games. Another major change made to the messenger in this update is a new simple visual clue, a red dot that will help users catch up if they’ve missed anything.

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Facebook is gradually rolling out these features. They will be rolled out globally to the iOs and Android users in the upcoming update slated for sometime this week.

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