Facebook Messenger Update for iOS and Android : Click And Send Pictures Instantly

Facebook has introduced a new update to its messenger app on Android and iOS. The update has rolled out to enable users to click photos and send it to the selected contacts even while chatting. The messenger has an improved search that will help users to quickly search contact (s) or group of people. Update will also help users to record videos or take photos and send it instantly. Users may also preview the photo or a video before sending it.

The update has introduced another feature that is related to the stickers. If a user receives a sticker while chatting with another user then the user at the receiver end can press and hold down the sticker to download the entire sticker pack. The update has another enhancement as well. Now onwards when user receives a video or audio file, they can enjoy it by simply tapping on it without leaving the app actually.

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Story:  Facebook Messenger Update for iOS and Android

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