Facebook Plans To Penalize Link Baiting. No Explicitly Asked Likes, Comments And Shares

Facebook, in an attempt to curb link baiting, announced that it will penalize organizations that ask news readers to like, comment or share a post. According to the Facebook it hurts the basic ideology of Facebook that is an ability to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. The practice is called link baiting. This is a practice to give posts and feeds extra reach beyond the normal it usually receives. Researches however claimed that the stories distributed through the link baiting, on average 15 percent less relevant than other stories with number of likes, comments and shares.

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Facebook believes that over time these stories that made through link baiting offer less user experience since they divert attention from the pages that really have a readable stuff. The curb on link baiting will help Facebook to detect these stories and reduce their prominence in the news feed than the relevant pages and stories.

Facebook however ensured that the update will have no impact on the pages that genuinely encourage discussion among their fans. It will focus mainly on the pages that frequently ask for Likes, Comments and Shares. In addition to above, Facebook also sees through the pages that repeatedly upload the same photos and videos to Facebook. The social network is also planning to crackdown spammy links that intentionally trick users into visiting websites that made for displaying ads.

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Story: Facebook Plans To Penalize Link Baiting

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