Facebook Remains The Top Social Network And WhatsApp #1 IM App : TNS

According to a detailed report by global research consultancy firm TNS, Facebook is still the #1 social networking platform and WhatsApp the most popular instant messaging app. Report says that 51 percent of Facebook users log into their accounts on a daily basis.

The research was conducted on digital attitudes and behaviors of 60,500 internet users across 50 countries, 55 per cent are on instant messaging every day.

As per the report, 51 percent of users use Facebook as a social network while 56 percent of users like WhatsApp as the most popular instant messaging app. TNS summarized the findings and said :

“The social networking market of India is Facebook centric, which is fuelling the adoption of Facebook Messenger also as the IM platform for private messaging. However, WhatsApp is by far the most popular IM platform in India.”

The study says that Facebook remains the world’s favorite social platform with almost one third of global internet users (30 per cent) saying they use it every day and with usage in Asia Pacific (APAC) region much higher.

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