Facebook Rolls Out App Update For Android Users

Facebook has rolled out a new update for its app running on android. The social networking giant has introduced a new version of android app with additional image related features. The new update will give users an ability to edit albums, photo comments and untag from photos.

Using the app users can now put their comment on post with an image. The new upload will also bring a few utilities for users such as uploading, sharing and organizing photos. Users can now upload multiple images simultaneously to create albums. Earlier users were allowed to create albums but now they can edit and delete albums as well. This feature is already available with iOS and desktop users.

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The update also allows users to untag themselves from photos. Users who conduct Facebook groups can now use the app to pin and unpin photos in those groups. This update will also see the full rollout of new UI to most of the users that earlier was available to a few users only.

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