Now Facebook Would Suggest Your Next Status Update

Facebook is known for testing features one after another to make the social network better place for users. Now, another interesting feature is being tested by Facebook that will enable the social network to suggest you your next facebook status update if you’re out of ideas.

According to the Social Times, some users have spotted ‘suggested topics’ in their status update boxes. (See Screenshot)

The report says that :

“After commenting on a friend’s post about the National Basketball Association Finals last week, reader Jedrzej JD Derylo shared a screenshot with SocialTimes in which he was prompted to comment on the game because, ‘The Cavaliers are playing today'”.

These topics include subjects like #LovingDay, #NationalPeanutButterCookieDay and #WorldBikeNakedDay etc.

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With the feature, Facebook would generate news feed for you. The topic or status update recommendations may vary as per your activities on the social network. This algorithm would observe and track your commenting activity to suggest a relevant and appropriate topic for your next status update.

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