Facebook Testing Sticker Search To Express Your Emotions Well.

Facebook-sticker-searchIt’s still unclear whether or not Facebook, the social networking king will introduce Dislike button in near future, but they are planning an alternative for this at least for now. A report published to Wall Street Journal says that Facebook has been testing a range of stickers that could express your reaction against a conversation.  The new feature being tested will allow users to search a sticker that expresses your reaction at the best.

The feature could be small but for users who have to filter a huge library of such stickers, it will be a great help. The search will enable you to get the best expressive stickers to make conversation live. To search for a sticker:  just enter into the conversation; hit the smiley button and get a search box .The feature will be available both for desktop and mobile. The feature is in testing phase, so, wait until it gets reflected finally.

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Story: Facebook Testing Sticker Search

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