Facebook Tests Destructive Messaging Feature That Deletes Sent Messages After A Set Period

Facebook appears to be testing a feature that will automatically delete a sent message from the recipient’s phone. The feature is similar to one that Snapchat rolled out couple of months back.


Facebook is testing the destructive messaging feature with a group of users limited to the France. Some users in the country are seeing the option to have their messages disappeared after a period of time.

Facebook in its official release said:

We’re excited to announce the latest in an engaging line of optional product features geared towards making Messenger the best way to communicate with the people that matter most. Starting today, we’re conducting a small test in France of a feature that allows people to send messages that disappear an hour after they’re sent.

Disappearing messages gives people another fun option to choose from when they communicate on Messenger. We look forward to hearing people’s feedback as they give it a try.

The social network hasn’t made any time commitment for its global rollout, so we’ve no other option but to wait for destructive messaging feature to randomly appear.

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Facebook Tests Destructive Messaging

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