Facebook Ties Up With BSNL To Serve Cheap Internet In Rural India

Facebook, the leading social network and state run telecom giant BSNL will be working together to serve low-cost internet in rural India. The joint venture will ensure reduced net packs as low as Rs 10 to the consumers. Facebook has purchased bandwidth worth Rs 10 crore from BSNL in 125 rural areas.

Facebook Ties Up With BSNL To Serve Cheap Internet

The company has additional plans to enter into joint ventures with local internet service providers and expand network access so as to build an easy accessible network for local entrepreneurs. Once BSNL partner BSNL partner Quadgen will finish setting up Wi-Fi hotspots across the rural areas, consumers can access the low cost internet with up to 2 MBPS speed.

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Facebook Ties Up With BSNL

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