Facebook to Demote Posts Begging for Like, Comment and Shares

Facebook seems taking way forward to tame the menace of like bating on its platform. Starting this week, Facebook will start taking action against engagement bait that disgruntle users into taking actions like sharing, tagging, liking, or commenting.

Facebook to Punish Engagament Baits

Facebook to Punish Engagament Baits

The action will be prompted upon those messages that ask people to like, comment, tag, and share sort of spammy posts that game trick Facebook’s algorithms. The social network however spare posts from action that asks people for help, advice, or recommendations like raising money for charity or asking for travel advice.

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After reviewing a bunch of such posts Facebook introduced a machine learning model that will eventually detect the different types of engagement bait posts surfacing time and again on news feed. Facebook asserts that they will put in place stricter demotions for Pages that repeatedly indulge in bait engagements.

The Company will keep finding ways to tame and reduce engagement bait. Over the week, Pages that involve in promoting post engagement bait will see more “significant drops” in reach.

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