Facebook Unveils New Comments Plugin To Sync Conversations Between Sites And FB Pages


An improved commenting system is another announcement that Facebook has made during the F8 conference. The social network has made certain changes to its existing commenting system, Techcrunch reports.

Facebook Unveils New Comments Plugin

Image credit: Techcrunch

Facebook Announced New Comments Plugin At F8 Conference

Now, the users can see comments on web pages where they originally appear and on links shared on Facebook. In addition to it, users can see replies against the comments on both the places in realtime.

The new tweak in the commenting system will bring several advantages. The primary benefit will be the increased engagement on Facebook and a chunk of new audience to the page.

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The idea behind the unification of commenting on sites and their Facebook pages is to tap and track conversations more easily. The new commenting system will also help Facebook to address growing complaints of Facebook’s comment spam.

The new commenting system is under testing with some premier publishers like Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. It will be made available to other publishers ahead of a wider launch.

-Facebook Unveils New Comments Plugin

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