Fitbit OS 3.0 Operating System Features : What’s New?

Fitbit, renowned maker of fitness wearable has announced the latest upgrade it made to its legacy operating system. They have launched Fitbit OS 3.0, the latest version of its popular operating system.

Fitbit OS 3.0 Operating System : Latest Features

Fitbit OS 3.0 Operating System Features

Fitbit OS 3.0 is fully compatible with Fitbit’s Versa and Ionic smartwatches. With the latest update, the device has brought an extended on-device dashboard to let trackers see and visualize more stats on their device on go.

The latest version of Fitbit OS 3.0 offers several improvements over its previous versions. With the latest update in place, you can now get more information on health and exercise stats including sleep, water intake, heart-rate, hourly activity and weight.

A new feature called goal-based exercise modes has been added to Fitbit OS 3.0 Operating System to help users set goals for calories burned and distance covered.

You can also set time for running, biking, swimming and 15+ activities. These goals will have additional add-ons for real-time stats, progress, awards and celebrations as well.

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With Fitbit 3.0 OS in place, you can track following stats easily:

Core Stats:

The stats display info on different stats including regarding steps taken today, calories burned and distance covered etc.

Hourly Steps:

The stats showcase steps taken this hour and the number of hours you met your hourly activity goal.

Heart Rate:

Informs you about current heart rate, time spent in each heart-rate zone, and your cardio-fitness score


Informs the number of days you met your exercise goal this week.

Cycle track:

In case of woman, the stats display the current stage of menstrual cycle.


Display information on time spent asleep, total time spent in each sleep stage, and your sleep history.


pops up info on water intake logged today and displays history of water intakes over the past 7 days


The stat tells about calories eaten, calories remaining, and macronutrient breakdown by percentage.

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Fitbit OS 3.0 Operating System:  New Features

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