Five Handy Gadgets You Can Take Anywhere

Many of today’s smart-device developers are focused on making their products as mobile as possible and with good reason. Nobody wants to lug around a huge and conspicuous mobile phone or carry a laptop that is almost as heavy as a desktop computer.

You don’t need to be a digital nomad to appreciate living a mobile lifestyle. If you’re looking for new mobile gadgets to add to your high-tech arsenal, this list of handy gizmos you can easily take anywhere is for you.


If you can’t say no to adventure and love capturing your wild antics on camera, then GoPro is the camera for you. GoPros may be small, but they are powerful and popular for being heavy duty. These cameras are dominating the action-camera market with amazing features like water resistance, GPS, and high frame rate. If you’ve got a surf session or if you’re going on a mountain-climbing or zipline adventure, simply slip this camera into your backpack, and you’re all set to preserve those exciting memories and share them with loved ones.  You can find this item for sale online, and save money on the purchase if you use a HSN discount code.

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Pocket VR Glasses

VR glasses are great but the only problem is they can be very bulky and inconvenient to take along. Good thing VR developers have introduced pocket VR goggles which have the same functionality as regular VR glasses but with the added bonus of being portable and compatible with your smartphone. You won’t have a boring day ever again, just take out this sleek accessory and enjoy a dose of virtual reality fun anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Charging Station

A mobile charging station can be a lifesaver when you are out of the house for long periods. You don’t want to lose power in the middle of nowhere, and a portable charging hub can prevent any inconveniences from happening.

Depending on your lifestyle or needs, you can get a simple charging station for one or two gadgets. If you travel with multiple devices then get one with several USB ports. Also, if you hate the idea of tangled wires and cables inside your bag, then be sure to pick a wireless charging station.

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Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

If you regularly use a laptop for work, then you know how inconvenient and painful it can be to type using those tiny keys on your laptop’s built-in keyboard. If you want to use a regular-sized keyboard but hate the idea of lugging one around, then a folding Bluetooth keyboard is a godsend for you.

This device works like regular keyboard, but you don’t have to worry about tangled cables. Just sync it to your laptop via Bluetooth. Also, when folded, it is small enough to fit into your bag, so you can just grab and go when you’re done using it.

Health Tracker

Who says resolutions are only for the new year? If you’re thinking of turning over a new leaf and becoming a healthier and fitter version of yourself, then a health tracker may well be the fitness buddy you need. This wearable gadget is great for tracking your daily progress in terms of physical activity, so it keeps you  motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals.

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Some trackers are also packed with additional features like tracking food intake, sleep quality, and heart rate. Some models are also waterproof, so you can wear it and track your swimming activities.

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