Now Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides for You

Thanks to the massive AI capabilities given to Google’s personal assistant. Now, you can also book a cab ride from cab aggregators Ola and Uber using Google assistant.

Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides

Google Assistant Book Ola Uber Rides

All you need to give a voice command, and your cab will be at your doorstep.

Give voice commands such as “Hey Google, book a ride to the India Gate” or “Hey Google, get me a taxi to the nearest metro station”. Now, you will see multiple ride options available from Uber, Ola and many more along with related details on estimated pricing and wait times from each service.

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If you want to hire a cab from a specific cab aggregator, just include the name of that aggregator in your voice command. Once you’ve got an option of your choice, tap on the option to open the corresponding app of the ride hailing company. Now complete the booking as you always do.

Google announced the feature via a blog post. The feature will be available in English and in the countries where Ola and Uber offer their ride hailing service. The feature will be expanded to other countries as well in coming months.

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Google Assistant will Book Ola or Uber Rides

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