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App Indexing has been the core topic for webmasters for some time since it was inducted to the Google search console. They have so many queries related to app indexing and needed resolution for.

To clear the air over app indexing, Google held a Google+ hangout with Google’s Mariya Moeva, John Mueller and Krzysztof Muzyka. There they answered several queries webmasters asked. The most important question that they had to answer was if Google supports multilingual apps with Google app Indexing? And to reply of that they said: Google does support multilingual apps with Google app indexing.

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Krzysztof suggested three ways to handle this:

Multiple languages is obviously supported and we support several scenarios in this. One of them being the web site has a unique URL for every language and there is one corresponding activity for each URL. Another scenario would be that your web site has a unique URL for each language, but there is only one deep link in your app and that application uses the system language settings to display the correct language content.

And then the first scenario is that the web site has one of the URLs for all languages, or only one of the languages ported, and there is one corresponding deep link. So this means that the web site and application must display the content in the same language when there is no preference set.

Google Supports Multilingual Apps With App Indexing

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