Google Introduces Trusted Contacts App For Personal Safety

Worried about your loved one’s safety and whereabouts? Google’s new trusted Contacts App will help you keep an eye on your friends and family. Google’s Trusted Contacts App is a personal safety app that enables users to share their location with friends and family even if they are offline. The app is currently available for Android users.

Trusted Contact App

How Google’s Trusted Contact App Works ?

The app is very easy to use. A user assigns some of their contacts a ‘trusted’ label. They are the people who will be able to access and see his location and other activities. If user finds himself in distress, he can share his location with these trusted contacts. For example, a user can share his location with trusted contacts while passing through secluded place or walking home alone at night.

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Besides that, a trusted contact could also request for the current location of a user if he is worried about him. User can reject the location sharing request if he is fine. On the other hand, if the user doesn’t respond to the request within five minutes of the request, the app will automatically share his contact details with his trusted contacts who requested the information.

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If user’s device is offline and he is not able to respond to the request, the Trusted Contacts app shares the last known location of the user with the trusted contacts who made the request. A user can choose whether or not he wants to share the location with trusted contacts. He can also change the users on the trusted contact list, whenever he wants.

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The Trusted Contacts app is now available for free download on Google play.

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