Google Invites Beta Testers for Upcoming Features, Application Link Inside

Google, the search juggernaut is calling enthusiastic and self-motivated people who could be company’s next beta testers. As an officially appointed beta tester, you would be testing new features with other beta testers and Google’s product team.

Google Beta Testers Application Form

Google’s aim behind getting more beta testers would be to explore ways to make Google Plus a favorite social network. Along with testing upcoming features, you would be responsible for filling out bug reports and giving feedback about the platform.

Google has set some eligibility terms for the people who want to join Google as a beta tester.  Google is looking for the people having the following credentials:

  • Active poster on Google+
  • Motivated to learn more about Google+ and contribute to product discussion
  • Eagerness to provide high level feedback on our product
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Sounds cool? The only disappointment is that the position is honorary. Means, no perks, remuneration and stipend will be paid to the beta testers. What they will get for sure is an opportunity to work with best IT brain in a numero-uno technology firm.

You can quit from the position anytime if you find it uninteresting and monotonous. Fill out the Early Access Application.

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