Google Launches Google Neighbourly App

Google seems to be ready to go step further to help you explore everything related your neighborhood.  If you have recently shifted to a new locality and unaware about its whereabouts, Google Neighbourly app will help you.

Google Neighbourly App

By using the app, you can ask questions about the neighborhood from the local residents.

Google terms Neighbourly a very convenient and human way to ask questions about the neighborhood and get replies. Currently, the App is available to the users in the Mumbai city residents running devices with Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and higher. Google India Tweeted that the rest of the Indian users need to wait for full roll out.

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As it sounds, the Google Neighbourly app will answer very common queries including the safest park for the kids, cheapest grocery store and nearest gym in the neighborhood etc.

The USP about the Google Neighbourly app is that it gets answers for your questions from the real neighbors living in the neighborhood. They are the people who have the most up-to-date, relevant and accurate information. Thus the answers that you find will indeed trustworthy. Nonetheless, you need not to disclose any personal information to anyone for asking questions. Your details are completely private.

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The Google Neighbourly app consumes 7 MB storage and also works offline. In case of sudden disconnection, you can keep answering and asking questions. As soon you’re connected again, questions and answers will all automatically send.

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