Google Maps Brings Hashtags Support on Android

To make Google Maps more innovative and users friendly, Google has released support for hashtags on Maps for Android devices.

Google Maps Brings Hashtags Support

Google Maps Brings Hashtags Support

The feature, as company claims would help users to explore more recommended as well as new places. As per the reports published in Techcrunch, the company has started rolling out the feature globally on Android devices, TechCrunch reported late on Monday.

With the feature in place, users will be allowed to add up to five specific and useful hashtags per review. They can place those hashtags at the end of the review.

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Moreover, users may also utilize the feature and add hashtags to local attractions and accessibility features available at the place such as wheelchair ramp or an audio menu available.

“To use the new hashtags feature, you just tap the blue link when you see one listed in a review to be taken to a list of the other nearby places that have the same tag,” the report quoted Google as saying.

Google hasn’t yet confirmed when the feature would be available to iOS devices. The Google Map Hashtag update is one among the many updates that the company has added recently.

Those features include  a “follow” feature that help users to track and stay updated about businesses and the revamped “My Business” app to allow business owners update their profile pages on Maps with new content.

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Google Maps Hashtags Support on Android

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