Google Maps Update: More Reasons Listed For Reporting Business Photos

The update seems a minor one, but Google Maps has offered businesses some more ways to report an appropriate business photo. The update was reported by Sergey  Alakov.

Google Maps Update for Business Photos

As per the update, Google has added more reasons in the list for reporting an inappropriate business photo. So, next time when you will report an inappropriate photo you see in a Google Local result, you will now have 11 options instead of 6 to choose from.

Previous List of Reasons:

  1. Wrong place
  2. Poor image quality
  3. Pornography or explicit sexual content
  4. Hate speech or graphic violence
  5. Spam
  6. Copyright content
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Updated List of Reasons:

  1. Poor quality photo
  2. Sexually explicit / strongly suggestive
  3. Hate speech
  4. Copyright or other legal issues
  5. Content is not relevant
  6. Illegal activity
  7. Harassment or bullying
  8. Privacy concerns
  9. Profane or obscene content
  10. Promotion of regulated goods

As list shows, 6 new reasons have been added and wordings of some reasons also have been changed. If you have noticed, “Wrong place” and “Spam” are no more in the list. But in a larger scenario, both the reasons could be somehow a part of “Content is not relevant” reason.

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The updates seems a breather to the businesses that are often frustrated or offended with irrelevant and poor-quality images uploaded by users.

Natasha Mayer

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