Google Plans Messaging App By 2015 To Beat WhatsApp

After losing bid from Facebook in WhatsApp buyout, Google has plans to launch its maiden messaging app by next year. Google will launch the messenger in India and other countries where it could get user base. Last month, Google’s product manager Nikhil Singhal visited India to study the messaging app ecosystem. Like WhatsApp and other messaging app, Google’s app too will use your mobile number for log-in. The app is in the initial phase of development and may be in app stores by 2015.

Nikhil is the project management director for Google’s premier products Hangouts and Google+. He is on the official visit of Asia-Pacific countries to understand the messaging ecosystem there. The app won’t force users to use their Google log-in details to run the app. The app may also support several Indian languages to give it a local flavor. To use Google’s proposed messenger, users needn’t to pay any fee. WhatsApp however charges 55 INR a year from user after 1 year of its free subscription. Though a calculated step, Google has taken the step quite late. Messaging apps Viber, vChat and Line have already made a huge user base.

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Story: Google Plans Messaging App

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