Google Starts Showing Up “Mentioned on Wikipedia” Carousels in Search Results

Google starts showing up a new carousel in the search results with the name ‘mentioned on Wikipedia’. It’s pretty easy to guess what it could be all about.

Google ‘Mentioned on Wikipedia’ Carousels

The carousel will display related Wikipedia resources that searchers can click to gather more information about the topic they search for. The feature is being seen as Google’s attempt to address searchers’ long pending demand that Google’s carousels do not have data from where the information is taken from.

Now, searchers can take reference of related Wikipedia pages the information is taken from.  On clicking the carousel, searchers will be able to navigate through the actual Wikipedia page. If you’re on desktop, it is in the same tab, but for mobile, it opens in a new tab.

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Moreover, clicking on any of the brands in the carousel will bring you to a new search result page. The page comprises the carousel along with the brand knowledge graph and the search results for the brand itself.

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