Google Will Soon Start Crawling HTTP2 Web Pages : John Mueller

If you have a website running over HTTP2, Google will soon start crawling the way it crawls HTTP websites. Google’s John Mueller announced this in a Google+ hangout. Currently, Google’s crawler can’t crawl HTTP web pages. HTTP2 is the next version of HTTP web pages.

See, what he said in that hangout:

At the moment, GoogleBot doesn’t support HTTP2 only crawling. So if you can only access your site via HTTP2, that is the next version of HTTP, then we would not be able to crawl that properly. We are working on that, I suspect it will be ready by the end of this year, maybe early next year, some time around that.

One of the big advantages of HTTP2 is that you can bundle requests, so if you are looking at a page, it has a bunch of embedded images, CSS, JavaScript files, those things, theoretically, you can do one request for all those files.

Google Will Soon Start Crawling HTTP2 Web Pages

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