Hiver: An Incredible Tool That Turns Gmail Into A Helpdesk

Although there are about a gazillion task and project management tools out there, the drawback with most of them is that, at worst, they don’t work in tandem with your email and at best, they only partially integrate with your inbox. Given that email is the standard communication tool for businesses, these tools make you have to to and fro between your inbox and the tool making the whole process confusing, inefficient and time-consuming.

Next Generation Gmail Collaboration Tool


I discovered a collaboration tool called Hiver, which thoroughly addresses this problem and comes with many great features.

Hiver completely integrates with your email platform and hence, you can use it right out of the inbox. The design is simple and minimalistic and hence, will not clutter your inbox. It functions as an add-on feature in your inbox and is quite user-friendly too. Hiver was founded by two IITians, Niraj and Nitesh. The inspiration and the idea stemmed out of their own experience with the difficulties of collaborating via email.


Email has become an integral part of our business operations in many ways. It is not just a simple communication tool; we use it to run workflows, delegate tasks, share information, provide customer support and more. Hence, an effective collaboration tool is absolutely necessary in order to increase our productivity.

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For instance, traditionally we assign tasks to a teammate using the email forward option, that is an acceptable method for one or two tasks, but can be crudely inefficient when used to assign several tasks everyday for several team members.

It can be chaotic, confusing and time-taking. Hiver has a feature called Shared labels which allows you to share your Gmail labels with other users. If you want to assign a task to your teammate John, all you have to do is create a label ‘Task : John’ and share it with him. He can add a label ‘Done’, once the task is done.

Some other powerful features of Hiver include:

1. Shared contacts

Allows you to share your contact list with your team members, letting you maintain a centralized list of contacts.


2. Shared notes

It let’s leave notes with updates, questions etc on an email which can be seen by your team members as well. Almost like sticky notes!

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3. Email Snooze/Reminders

This feature allows you to prioritize your emails. On a busy day, if you get an important but non priority email, you can schedule it to come back to your inbox at a later time when you are free to work on it – this way you won’t forget about the email.

4. Email Schedule

Making sure an email hits the inbox of the recipient at the right time is very important. You can schedule your emails to be delivered at the precise time you want, even in your absence.

5. Shared Mailbox

This feature allows you to share an entire inbox with another user. For email addresses, such as, everyone in the team has access to the inbox at the same time.

6. Email Templates

Makes your job of replying to emails easy. You can form standardized templates and share it with your team. It helps you maintain consistency in all your replies.

7. Collision Detection

This feature is specially there to avoid those awkward situations where two members of the team reply to the same email. If one of your team members is typing a reply, you can see a sign ‘X is replying to the email’ at the bottom of the mail.

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Hiver is a powerful gmail collaboration tool. It streamlines your workflow by simplifying processes such as task delegation and monitoring, team communication, project management, customer and sales support and more.

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