How Amazon Affiliates Can Boost Commission Incomes to the Next Level?

Affiliate marketing is a system where a business pays commissions to external marketing associates, known as affiliates, for bringing paying customers to them. Such arrangements have existed for thousands of years. A business owner will say to people they know: “If you bring me a paying customer and I will reward you for doing it, you will get a percentage of what I get”.

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How Amazon Affiliates Can Boost Commission?

Online Affiliate Marketing

The online world has led to the creation of a special environment where affiliates create websites to attract online customers and then send these customers to their client’s site. Special web links supplied by the client are placed on the affiliate’s site to enable referrals to be tracked automatically and rewarded with referral commissions if the customer pays the client online.


The online marketplace has been a leader in the online affiliate world for more than twenty years. In 1996 Amazon made its first affiliate system available to marketing associates, who would add a web banner to their own site with links to Amazon items, which at that time were books. Today, it is called the Amazon Affiliate Program, and it allows external associates to earn between 4-15 percent of sales depending on the quantity of sales achieved.

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Leveraging Commission Income

Many new affiliates get themselves set up online, receive web traffic and are earning modest commissions, but a common question asked by new affiliates is “how do I boost that income and really make money?” The best guides on this topic have detailed action plans to increase affiliate earnings. Here are a few pointers to help you form your own strategy.

Create World Class Content

‘Content is king’ online, where Content Marketing experts provide quality information that is of interest, to boost sales. Become a respected authority by educating people about how to use products, and by publishing Buyer Guides.

Harness the Power of Images

Don’t just rely on building text links to Amazon products. Link any images in your post to the relevant Amazon product too. Also, don’t just use the product images you find on Amazon, set yourself apart by creating your own custom graphics to sell Amazon products in your own special way, with product images cut out of existing backgrounds and placed on eye-catching custom backgrounds with attention-grabbing lettering which is strategically placed.

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Remember the ‘Call to Action’

Many sales and marketing efforts are not as effective as they could be because they leave out a ‘Call to Action’. When creating your marketing content, don’t forget to tell people what to do next, for example ‘fill out this form’, ‘follow this link’, ‘buy now’ or ‘more info’.

Engage Customers with Social Media

The success of social media platforms is largely down to the instant opportunities for engagement that they provide, and the massive numbers of people that can be reached in a short time. Marketing through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook should be used to leverage affiliate sales.

Get Featured on Other Sites

Getting your message across is simple if you make use of other people’s websites to bring traffic to your site and consequently close sales for your client. If you write guest posts that are of interest and value to other site owners, they will publish your post. This will help to bring quality links back to your site which will boost your Google ranking. It will also enable you to engage with a receptive, specialist audience that is likely to be interested in what you are saying.

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