How To Be Safe While Using Paytm?

new-paytm-adBeing the most popular digital payment app, Paytm is making our cashless life easier. From payments at neighborhood shops to e-payment at online retailers, Paytm has made it all a hassle-free affair.

The only question that raises our eyebrows and haunts us is whether Paytm is breach-proof and will the hackers be able to access our crucial personal and financial information?

Paytm recently acted upon 48 fraudulent users who tricked its goods marketplace business and minted a huge amount out of it. Later, Paytm elucidated its version via a blog and shared the safety measure company taken post this incident. Beside the measures taken by the company, you yourself can follow few steps to stay safe when using Paytm.

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How To Set Paytm App Password?

The company recently rolled out app password feature to keep your Paytm wallet safe when your phone is lost misplaced. To set the password, you are required to set the phone’s default Android security password first.

Go to Phone’s Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Choose Screen Loc/ Pin/ Password/ Pattern or Fingerprint to protect the phone.

Now when you have set the password for your device, open the Paytm app  & click on “Pay” or “Passbook”. A pop-up window will appear to ask you enable this optional feature. Now click on Add Security Feature. You will be asked to reconfirm your Phone’s Pin/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint depending on what is selected as the default protection.

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Once confirmed, the new App Password is now set. It’s recommended to accept Paytm payments through QR code. QR codes are unique and encrypted. Limit your wallet amount at a considerable limit. Keeping huge amount could risk your money. Merchants prompt users to save their card details while making wallet payment. We recommend you not sore the card info while a transaction.

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