How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder for Playing Golf?

What is a golf rangefinder?

It is electronic equipment that resembles a binocular which is used by golf players to determine the distance which exists between them and particular points of the course.

Uses of a rangefinder:

  • In preparation to hit the golf ball off a tree,
  • when you want to shoot for the pin,
  • To look out for possible hazards in order to avoid them.

What to consider when looking for a golf rangefinder?

As a matter of fact, there are very many rangefinders in the market, making it a hard task when looking for the best one at an affordable price. The following are some of the factors to consider when you are looking for a rangefinder.

Features :

Actually, this is the most important factor to look at when you are buying a rangefinder. It is the features that will help you decide the use it will deliver when it will be in use. A good golf rangefinder will have the following

  • A clear display
  • Jolt technology
  • ESP
  • A higher magnification
  • Pin seeker

The maximum distance range

Having the knowledge of the maximum distance the rangefinder can be used to measure is of some importance. Generally, most of these devices can measure up to 400 yards and onwards. Depending on the course you will be playing on, the distance should be considered too.

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Weight and Size

As a matter of fact, you will be required to move with the rangefinder for hours while playing on the course. This means that choosing a heavy rangefinder will be a burden to you. The best choice is that one which is light in weight and compact for that matter, for easy transportation.

Approved by USGA

This one is a must. Consider shopping for a rangefinder that has an authorization from USGA. The importance of this is that you will be allowed to use it anywhere, as it is certified and tournament legal.

Easy to use

Though professional golf players will have no issue with this, beginners will definitely have to consider the easiness of use. Actually, the market is filled with very many types of rangefinders that are very complex when it comes to using them. It is advisable to choose the easiest one to use so that you cannot have issues when on the green.


When shopping for anything, you first must consider where your budget lies. This is also applicable with rangefinders too. You need to look for a rangefinder that has all the features that you are looking for, must most importantly it should be ranging in between your budget.

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What do others say about it?

It is not a secret that reviews offer the best information about anything. You as a golfer looking for the best rangefinder, you should read through the customer reviews to see what they comment about a particular equipment. It is from the review that you can get to know the advantages and disadvantages of a certain rangefinder. Certainly, you will find comments about the weight, durability, battery life, maximum distance, easiness to use, and much more.


Knowing the battery life will help you calculate the number of hours you will be playing on the course. There are rangefinders that come with rechargeable batteries for replacing when it runs out of power. Consider buying one that has rechargeable batteries, and those with a longer battery life.

In conclusion

Since the market is flooded with different golf rangefinders, it can be a hard task to select one that will suit your needs. When looking for the best rangefinder, the above factors should be considered. For instance, failure to choose a rangefinder that is easy to use will give you problems when at the course. The weight too can affect your concentrations because it will be a must to carry the equipment all along with you.

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Lastly, it is very important to read all the customer reviews that are found online. They will expose that disadvantage which you never knew, and end up saving your money before making a wrong choice.

Natasha Mayer

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